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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Inspired by stripes

Lately, I've been loving stripes. I see them everywhere: home decor ideas, clothing, and more. I usually consider myself more of a polka dot person when it comes to the pattern I love to wear, but stripes have been calling to me for the past month or so.

Check out these inspirations I've pinned and seen recently around the blog world:

image sources:
1 Oh Sweet Joy // 2 Rouge + Whimsy // 3 What a Nerd Would Wear // 4 Rustic Living // 5 Pinterest // 6 The Tiny Twig // 7 Pearls Poppies Pinkies Up // 8 Still Being Molly // 9 My Pretty Pennies // 10 Modern Mrs Darcy

Lately, whenever I'm in a store, I search out striped tops. I've been on the hunt for a simple striped shirt to where while pregnant (because I just can't wait until late July or August to wear one)!

Recently, I tried on several at H&M. I opted for a fitted one that shows off the baby belly. They also had a more flow-y style which I considered since it would be more kind post pregnancy too. But it had an asymmetrical hem and I just felt like it drew attention to my backside, which isn't necessary.

shirt: H & M (similar) // jean jacket: Gap Outlet (similar) // maternity jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: TOMS 
The black and white in the shirt lends itself nicely to pairing with another color. I can wear it with colorful skirts or cardigans in the coming months too.

What do you prefer to pair with a striped top or maxi skirt?

((linking up with The Pleated Poppy today))

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  1. i have been too!! i actually just bought a black and white striped tee similar to yours from forever 21 :) love it with the red pants!

  2. I love stripes, too: matter of fact, if you look in my closet you might think that's all I own. Not true, there's some polka dots in there, too. Somewhere.

  3. oooh what a fun little round up of stripes! I think that the fitted tee is SO cute, flaunt that baby bump!

  4. oh thanks for featuring me! also, your bump is too cute in stripes :)

  5. so many beautiful ladies! i need to meet some of them! love the stripes!

  6. love the stripes + red pants on you! I realized that I wore stripes almost every day while we were gone on a trip - I have tops & skirts! ;)


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