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Friday, April 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! It's been a pretty busy week. This post is purchase-heavy, which is not normal for me, but we've scored some great deals from thrifted nursing tops (I hope that doesn't weird you out too much) to something for our home to the addition of a much needed second car!

1- Our new dining room table from IKEA (actual listing). The mister snagged this for more than $100 off thanks to a scratch on the top. He also bought a bench to go with it. I love the idea of having a bench for our table, though I'm not quite sure why. When the leaf is added, this table can seat 10 people. I cannot wait to have 10 people gathered around it!

2- Thrifted deals! I found a great store that sells secondhand baby items and has a maternity section. Mondays are half off and I snagged two nursing tops (I'm pretty sure the one is brand new), a dress and blouse for $14.

3- We've been blessed with a second car and I picked it up on Monday. Words cannot express how grateful we are and how perfect the timing is with our growing family. Not to mention, how excited I am to be back in a Subaru.

4- Last week, the university where I work dubbed Thursday #BostonStrong day and encouraged everyone to wear either Boston sports apparel or Boston Marathon colors to work. Last Friday, the day Boston was shut down, is a day I won't soon forget; we were glued to the radio nearly the whole day the manhunt ensued.

5- I've been to five baby showers since January, but this cookie was from the last shower I'll go to before my own (gulp). I can't believe my due date is just 10 weeks away!


  1. Which Ikea table is that? I love that you got it on a discount, that's awesome!

    1. It's the Norden extended table in birch. Thanks for reminding me to add the link :)

  2. what an amazing week for you, beth!!! yay for a second car!

  3. We have that same table and love it! My goal is to get a bench for it sometime in the future, as well.

  4. WOW! Score on the nursing tanks! Those babies are expensive!

  5. I love that table and congrats on your thrifted finds! xo


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