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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Has spring finally arrived?

...My husband got a new camera. Can you tell from the photos? I borrowed it on Sunday and snapped a few pictures from our yard and of course couldn't pass up a shot or two of Milton.

...Last week was unlike any other as a Boston area resident. Friday was an especially long day. I lost track of the hours I was tuned to the radio. I'm so grateful to the FBI, Boston PD and many others who worked diligently to track down the Marathon Bombers last week.

...I'm trying not to freak out after my friend told me she had her first baby at 32 weeks (I'm currently 29 weeks and we don't have a crib or bassinet).

...It finally looks like spring in Massachusetts! The tress, bushes and bulbs are blooming. I cannot help but smile when I pull in the driveway and go by our forsythia bush.

...Pregnancy has officially become uncomfortable (I'm not complaining, just being honest). In the past few weeks, I've been getting heartburn, my ankles swell most days and the growing little one is creeping into my rib cage. I've been trying to stretch more and get up while sitting more frequently. I find myself wondering how much more uncomfortable it will get in the next 11 weeks or so!

What signs of spring have you seen in your neck of the woods?


  1. oh...hope you have some good days left of your pregnancy :(

    spring is always such a tease here in the PNW!

  2. My personal theory is that God lets us get increasingly uncomfortable the longer we are pregnant so that we are willing to do whatever to get that baby out.=)
    Hope your preparations continue to go well, and that you are able to get good sleep.

  3. beautiful photos!
    it finally is nice here-- everything is blooming and it's so sunny today! I am soo thankful :)


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