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Friday, April 19, 2013

a Tennessee weekend

Last weekend, we traveled to see my husband's family in Middle Tennessee. We went for his great grandma's 90th birthday and spend some time with his ill grandmother. We celebrated one woman's life, met our two year old niece for the first time and rejoiced over a growing family with the arrival of our baby in just a few months.

Living far away from family is something I'm quite familiar with. Growing up, it was always an event when we spent time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins because we lived several states away.  Brandon's family is the opposite, most everyone lives within an hour radius and we were the only ones to travel by plane to for the celebration.

I'm so thankful airplanes make it possible to travel more quickly and technology like Facetime that lets us see each other and talk while we're apart. After spending time with older family members, the younger generation speculated what the future may bring in the way of technology in our child's lifetime. What will my grandchildren use to communicate when I turn 90?

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  1. how fun!! It is hard to believe I am going to be so far away my immediate family for the first time, though my mom's family will be much closer. thank God for Skype and planes, although flights are generally very expensive :( it's definitely going to be a difficult adjustment, it's pretty hard to wrap my head around right now.


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