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Monday, March 25, 2013

what I'm into {March}

I've neglected a currently post since December, so I thought I'd share the last week via Instagram and give a little update on day-to-day life.

what I'm reading:
Happier at Home -I'm joining Ginna in this month's no commitment bookclub. I haven't quite finished it, but I've been enjoying it and considering reading The Happiness Project by the same author.
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth -a friend recommended it to me and I just started it over the weekend, but so far it is answering some questions I've had about childbirth, which is quite helpful.

TV show worth watching:
We finally gave Duck Dynasty a try about a month ago and we're hooked. Need I say more?

movie that I've seen:
We rented Argo over the weekend. It was a good change of pace from the kinds of movies I usually watch.

in my kitchen:
+ new cupboards! we added two open shelves, which I love (see photo 1 above)
+ veggies
+ fish
+ soups (see photo 5 above)
+ seltzer

in my ears:
I'm trying to branch out and listen to different things than my usual. In the car, I'm usually tuned to the local news radio or country station. At work, I've been listening to the Celtic station on Pandora (blame it on St. Patrick).

items of note:
+ I have lost track of the number of snow days we've had this year, but last week had our first delayed opening at the university and I enjoyed an extended morning at home (see photo 2) catching Influence Network's eCourse by Royal Daughter Designs. This is the second month I've taken an eClass and I loved it!
+ I am so ready for spring and trying to dress more spring like, even though it's been chilly (and snowy)... (see photo 3 and 4)
+ Over the weekend, I decided we need to kick a bad habit of letting Milton on the couch. We bought him a new bed in hopes he'd learn to sit there (see photo 9). It's actually going fairly well and he is spending lots of time in his bed.
+ Baby G has been getting more gifts and the cutest teether came last week from Little Sapling Toys thanks to a good friend. Isn't it precious?

what I'm looking forward to:
+ Baseball season (see photo 7)
+ warmer weather and shedding my winter coat
+ how the next 6 weeks of work will fly by! It's getting into my busy-est season and I'm excited to get to May and be even closer to the arrival of Baby G.

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  1. woohoo baseball season! Kurt was watching Fever Pitch today and it made me a little Boston homesick. Hope you're doin well!


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