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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

wearing of the green ((at 24 weeks))

Most days I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by! The third trimester will be here before I know it and then we'll be meeting this sweet baby.

Unfortunately, the weather hasn't warmed up to feel spring-like, so I am still wearing lots of cardigans and scarves. I'm thankful I can wear my pre-pregnancy cardigans (since I have so many). And I managed to make a pre-pregnancy dress work for St. Patrick's Day over the weekend. There's just something fun about wearing kelly green, isn't there?

I am pretty sure the belly grew overnight more than once in the past week.

A current pregnancy update: 
  • How far along: 24 weeks, 5 days 
  • How big is the baby: eggplant (9 in., 1.7 lbs) 
  • How I'm feeling: I feel pretty good. This has been a busy time of year, but I'm keeping up with commitments, while also making time to rest. While I was at a conference for work last week, I made sure I was able to get adequate sleep at night, which kept the long days bearable.
  • Sleeping: I'm sleeping well, and using way more pillows than usual, but I am thankful to not have to get up multiples in the night (I know those days are coming)!
  • Food cravings: I have wanted a really good doughnut, but have yet to give in. I just may make my own since I have wanted to try that too.
  • Food aversions: Still just coffee... 
  • Doctor's appointment: I have one in two weeks and the dreaded glucose test...
  • Movement: I know this kid takes after his/her dad with all the movement I can feel. It's gotten much stronger and the movements more frequent.
  • Gender/Names: We are settled on a girl's name and are getting closer to deciding on a boy's name. 
  • What I'm looking forward to: I am still looking forward to my husband feeling the baby move. I think we're very close to that happening (maybe this week).
  • What I did / got for baby: The red TOMS I ordered from Zulily arrived and they are even cuter in person. I cannot wait to see this baby run around in them!
  • What I'm wearing: Dresses with leggings or maternity pants with cardigans and scarves. I still have to layer a bit. I am ready to shed my winter coat, but so grateful my cousin loaned me hers. I have gotten so much wear out of it (and probably will until April).
  • What I learned this week: The belly can grow overnight. I felt like it was taking it's time, but it is definitely growing lately. I am still amazed at how some people react when I say I'm pregnant. They look genuinely surprised and I'm thinking, did you really think I had gained a bunch of weight? 

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  1. you said no to a donut?! Dang you have self control!

  2. You're such a good girl for not giving in the donut...I, on the other hand,...;) Sounds like everything is going so well, and you are looking adorable!


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