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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

nursery planning

We haven't actually bought anything for the baby's room. Is that weird? surprising? uncharacteristic of me? Probably a little of all of those. But I have created a registry and made note of some ideas I have for the nursery, so I thought I'd share what I'm plans I'm cooking up with this inspiration board.

I had two objectives when putting the inspiration together: no theme and gender neutral.

1- crib bedding -I've always loved polka dots and I was having a hard time choosing one or two colors, so this multi-colored dot bedding seemed perfect for the baby's room.
2- owl lamp -I love that it doesn't scream "baby" so it can be reused once we don't have babies anymore.
3- book shelf -I already have a collection of children's books and I want my children to love to read, so a book shelf will be very important to the room. I love how this one displays the cute covers of the books too.
4- pegboard -I love the industrial feel a pegboard brings to a space and I love organization, so having one over the changing table makes total sense to me. I'm also excited to have a few projects for the mister to work on in the baby's room.
5- crib -I love the simplicity of a white crib. I actually hope to paint most of the baby furniture white since the walls of the room are a chocolate brown.
6- rocking chair -I love the color on this chair and simple lines. It's also super affordable (from Ikea), so it fits the bill.

Have any advice or suggestions for nursery must-haves? This first-time mamma would love to hear about it!


  1. Seeing all of that cute baby stuff makes me want to have another! I love the stuff you chose. I really love those wire baskets.

  2. oh man i love that peg board idea!! I recommend with any chair, to have something to put your feet up'll be spending lots of time there!

  3. I love the peg board idea! Are you considering certain colors? I am LOVING orange and white lately and I feel like that would be such a cheerful room... like white and gray with pops of orange. :)

  4. i LOVEEEE the pegboard idea, beth!! we are in the process of trying to figure all this stuff out, too! furniture is hard for me - i don't know what's good and what's not!


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