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Thursday, March 14, 2013

a little work space inspiration

It's Thursday...we're one more day closer to the weekend! If you're like me, you have a healthy dose of love for your job, while also looking forward to the things you do outside of work. I love the idea of having a comfortable and appealing work space and so does my friend, Melissa.

I'm so excited to share my space with her today as she shares beautiful work space inspiration!


Hey everyone! I am Melissa from The 25th Hour. Today I am sharing a little thing or two to help spice up your office space! If you're like me, an office space or cubicle reminds me of possibly the dullest things imaginable - watching paint dry, shredding paper or the clock ticking, but there are ways to spice up your space without hurting your wallet!

I like to add a little touch to wherever I go. I mean, you are spending most of your day in this space, might as well add a little bit of yourself! You should have been there when I tried to put an over sized rug into my cubicle... yeah, didn't work. Here are some small ways to add a little spice!

Let's just say I have all of these items in my office right now!

1 | Wallpaper - Your desktop is the quickest way to add some color and inspiration. I found this "Make It Happen" wallpaper from Ampersand Design Studio. It is my daily reminder that if I set my mind to it, I can make anything happen. You can either design your own or find some free ones all around the internet.

2 | Tape Dispenser - Turn the ordinary office supply into something quirky and fun! My best friend bought me this for Christmas and I must say, it is one of my favorite office supplies! Anthropologie has a few more you can choose from, but the camera was the best fitting for me :) I discovered you can even replace the tape with washi tape and add more of your own flavor to it!

3 | Pattern - Sometimes I believe less is more and I definitely think so when it comes to your work space. Switching out that generic black mouse pad you found roaming your office supply closet for a fun, perhaps patterned one, may be the only thing you need to add that little extra pizazz! I found my mouse pad from Etsy and I am in love with this Herringbone pattern. I bought mine in green :)

4 | Print Outs - Search Pinterest for free inspiration print-outs and you'll find hundreds of options. Definitely add some of your family, too but these can help you stay inspired when you feel the office sucking the life out of you (am I the only one?). I just found "Just Begin" ones for free in a variety of colors! Download some here.

Thank you Beth for letting me share a little bit about sprucing up your work space! It has been a pleasure guest posting! You can visit me at my blog, The 25th Hour where I find that "extra hour" to stay inspired. I am in love with design, photography and the stories of everything in between! Do say hello!

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  1. ohhh i love all of these picks! thanks for the introduction to the 25th hour blog! <3


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