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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

this bun is half baked + a guest appearance from Milton

As of Friday, I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Could this truly be the halfway point? I really don't know, but if I had to guess I would say no. My brother and I were both more than a week late, so I'm not planning on having the baby arrive early (I would just rather not set myself up for disappointment, ya know?).

And since the snow has lingered (and we've gotten a  few inches more...but who's counting?), I'm sharing some photos taken inside. The only redeeming thing about these less then stellar photos, is that Milton jumped in on the action. He needed some attention, I guess.

Seriously, our dog wouldn't get out of the way. I mean, he usually just curls up on the couch or chair, but I guess Saturday morning is as good a day as any to strike a pose. He's the best and I kind of can't wait to see what he does when baby G arrives. Thankfully, he did well last summer when our friends watched him for nearly three weeks and they had a four month old at the time.

A current pregnancy update:
  • How far along: 20 weeks, 5 days 
  • How big is the baby: banana (7 in., 11 oz.) 
  • How I'm feeling: I feel pretty good. I find my feet are hurting a bit more when I stand for longer periods of time, so I'm trying to be cognizant of that and sit more, but not sit too much...what a balance! 
  • Sleeping: I'm sleeping fairly well, just using more pillows than usual. 
  • Food cravings: Fruits and veggies. I can't get enough granola or cereal with blueberries and/or bananas. And yesterday I made myself the most delicious salad of spinach, chic peas, hard boiled egg (not normally something I'd come up with). 
  • Food aversions: Still just coffee... 
  • Doctor's appointment: We had one last week and everything looked great. We had an ultrasound where we could have found out the gender, but didn't (much to my mother-in-law's chagrin).
  • Movement: I've been feeling movement more and more. Sometimes it feels like my tummy is growling and other times it's a quick jab here or there. 
  • Gender/Names: We are pretty settled on a girl's name, but haven't settled on a boy's name. But since we're NOT finding out, we have about 20 more weeks to mull it over. 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Shedding sweaters and wearing spring-like clothes. I'm over wearing lots of layers and boots every day. I really can't wait to wear my TOMS or moccasins (without socks). But I'm not holding my breath as to when all of that will happen... 
  • What I did / got for baby: We've gotten a few sweet gifts in the mail lately. My favorite is a onesie like this one from an Simply Kiki with the Colorado state flag on it (sent by my college roommate). I am so excited to dress him/her in it and show some Colorado pride! 
  • What I'm wearing: Sweatpants at home, maternity pants to work (it's just been too cold for leggings/tights with dresses). On top, I mix it up with longer tanks I wore pre-pregnancy and a few non-maternity tops one size up (my shoulders seem to have spread). I'm also wearing a few maternity sweaters/tops. 
  • What I learned this week: I really enjoy any beverage that isn't water. I'm trying to stay adequately hydrated with lots of water, but I also really enjoy drinking a seltzer or ginger ale every once in a while.

I'm linking up with Lindsay for What I Wore Wednesday.

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  1. I love the photo of Milton posing on the couch. OH MY GOODNESS. what a ham. :)

  2. you (& Milton) are so cute! love the color & scarf on you. :) and wow, time is flying by, halfway already!

    hope you're having a great week, friend. also, I love you sweet header!

  3. Milton yearns for his own WIWW post. He's adorable.

    And so are you! I love your scarf.

    1. Thanks, I should dress him up for WIWW some time...except it's a rarity he holds still for pictures. He's usually a blur!

  4. yay! love your pregnancy updates, beth!! you look BEAUTIFUL and your bump is adorable!

  5. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE! You wear pregnancy very well.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog...seriously make sure to get that product! its the best!


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