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Monday, February 11, 2013

surviving the blizzard

We survived the blizzard called Nemo that hit the Northeast U.S. over the weekend (I had no idea they started naming winter storms until this thing hit). It's hard to say exactly how much snow fell in our city because of the crazy winds that made huge snow drifts, but I think it was about two feet! The snow started falling on Friday around 9am and didn't stop until Saturday around 11am. Friday night my husband went outside with a tape measure and there appeared to about a foot of snow on the ground.

On Friday, the governor of Massachusetts issued a travel ban. Only emergency personnel were permitted on the roads between 4pm Friday and 4pm Saturday and those violating this would be fined $500. Eek!

My husband spent much of the day on Saturday clearing the driveway and our roommate was also a big help. I stayed inside; we decided a pregnant lady wouldn't be much help and I didn't want to risk falling. The downtime was a good opportunity to redesign my blog, rearrange our living room and do some baking (I made whole wheat crackers and cocoa brownies).

I didn't set foot outside the house from Friday to Sunday morning. Thankfully, we didn't lose power during the storm. The lights flickered a few times Friday night, but we were never without power for more than a minute.

On Sunday, we ventured out of the house to get breakfast. Some of the streets still had a lot of snow on them, while others were completely cleared. I tried to take some photos to document how much snow we had.

Most public schools are still closed today. The university where I work is also closed today to allow more time to clean up and prepare for the 6,000+ students that commute to campus daily. I'm quite content to stay inside since it's actually raining today. I'm thankful for the warmer temps to melt the snow, but also a bit concerned about the snow on rooftops absorbing more moisture from the rain.

How was your weekend?


  1. soo jealous. i want an excuse to stay inside!!

    stay safe + warm!

    1. wow! haha Im' jealous too :) I'm dying to get snowed in! You're probably sick of snow by now but I hope you had a fun/relaxing time!

  2. I miss snow days...we've had one since I moved to Texas (and that was for about five minutes of snow!) Enjoy it!


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