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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a farewell

You may have seen my Instagram post over the weekend or a few annoyed tweets over the past few months and knew this day was coming. My old Dell laptop has been dying slowly. Since last fall, I've gotten the blue screen on a number of occasions and at the most inconvenient times. I tried to be patient and let her run her tests or reboot, often praying she would come back to life, mostly because I had neglected to back up most of my photos and files (oops).

Not to mention, as a blogger I rely on my laptop to connect with others. I have yet to figure out blogging from an iPad and there has been more than one moment I wondered if I'd be able to write consistently. In moments of uncertainty, I borrowed my husband's Chromebook for blog business, but knew the day was coming for the laptop to be replaced.

Over the weekend, we replaced the ol' computer with a shiny new MacBook Pro. I seriously still can't believe I own a such a machine. Until my mother-in-law gave my an iPad last spring, my iPod was the only piece of Apple technology I had owned. I have been gradually learning more about the wonderful world of Apple products.

Now that 've joined the ranks of a Mac users, I need your advice and tips. Leave your suggested programs, tips or favorite features in the comments. I want to make sure I am bonding with my new pal properly-- thanks in advance!


  1. Ooh!!! Let's see, programs...Bartender, Fresh, Tweetbot, Adium, Microsoft Office for Mac. Learn keyboard shortcuts (if you don't already know them), they make the workflow so much easier. Use spaces - they've slightly changed since Shawn recorded this: but it's really helpful.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I will watch the video, it looks so helpful :)

  2. i love my mac! it's an old one (circa 2006, they dont sell it anymore) but just the design/function,everything is so great for photography, design, that sort of thing. And I've had no problems with it (unlike my hp which died FIVE times.)

    i don't really have tips for it... I just like Apple products! Have you ever read the bio of steve jobs? Definitely not a great person, but in a design/business sense, he was brilliant.


    I am in absolutely LOVE with my Mac. I am honestly not a mac program guru, but I have the basics. I am not a fan of Safari, so I downloaded either Chrome or Mozilla for my internet. I am also not a fan of the Mail interface/program so instead just use regular gmail. I wish Mac had a version like Outlook for emails!

    I would love to see what others have suggested :)


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