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Thursday, February 7, 2013

one thing I can't explain about pregnancy

This pregnancy hasn't been exactly what I expected and we're not even halfway through. There are several things I wasn't prepared for and still feel shocked by (in some ways). One of those things is the decline of my interest in coffee.

Coffee just doesn't appeal to me. As in when I first knew I was pregnant back in November, I rarely finished a cup of coffee. For the first few weeks, my husband continued to brew enough coffee for me to have my usual cup to start the day and I went along with it. It didn't gross me out or anything. I would end up taking a few sips, but it just didn't appeal.

Even though this phenomenon has been going on for months, I am still in awe. For years, I've thought about, even worried about how I would deal with cutting back on coffee during pregnancy. I mean, I'm the kind of gal who had to have coffee every morning. I even travel with Excedrin "just in case" I can't get coffee in my system by 10am. Seriously. My mind is blown that I didn't get headaches when I skip it!

I still like drinking something hot in the mornings, especially since it's cold here, so I usually drink tea. I've also mixed it up with decaf chai lattes and hot chocolate from scratch. I love having a mug of warmth to start my day.

I do look forward to my coffee appetite returning and I'm sure it will.


  1. A definite sign I have been pregnant with all four of my babies is that I couldn't stand my cup of coffee. Not the smell, not the taste. But, it passed after the first trimester. From what I understand, Mary Higgins Clark, the author, is the same way.=)

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  3. My coffee-lovin' never skipped a beat...although I don't crave as much as I used to :) It's funny what food/things suddenly do not become as appealing!

  4. I never cared much about coffee one way or the other, but my friend had the same thing happen. She couldn't stand it, and I think the smell of it bugged her, too, and she was a coffee lover. I hated chicken, both times, for most of the pregnancy. So funny what your body does.

  5. I had the same thing with my pregnancy! Now, seven months after the baby, I've mostly gone back to decaf coffee just for the taste. It was a good way to kick the caffeine habit :)


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