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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

maternity wear ((15 week bump))

Last week, I wore my first pair of maternity pants (oh, the joys of my first pregnancy). After a day of wearing them in the office, I had come to one conclusion: I needed to acquire more pairs of maternity pants. I have been wearing the Bella Band for about a month and it's been a great companion, allowing me to wear regular jeans unbuttoned. However, when I experienced the stretch of maternity pants, I knew the time had come to transition.

The first pair of maternity pants I purchased from a consignment store. Unfortunately, I haven't found many other consignment shops that carry much in the way of maternity clothes. I have a limited budget for maternity clothes, so I made a list of things I hoped to buy that would be seasonless and/or classic. I hope to borrow maternity clothes from friends as well.

I decided it may be best to find a pair of jeans. I did a good amount of online research before I even set foot in a store. I don't always approach shopping that way, but it seemed wise since anything I buy should be the kind of thing I plan to wear for future pregnancies.

I was skeptical about Old Navy maternity pants, having read the reviews on their website. I also wanted to go to a store to try their pants/jeans on. I have long legs and regular length pants/jeans are often too short on me. So, I ventured to the mall. Despite my local Old Navy having what appeared to be a small maternity section, it had the basics and that's what I was after.

I tried on the following jeans and here is a quick and honest review of each one.
Maternity Low-Rise Bootcut Jeans
I don't wear boot cut jeans much anymore, but I had high hopes for them. These jeans fit, but the low-rise waist made for an exaggerated muffin top given my current state. It was not attractive, trust me. I was also concerned they would make my backside look saggy.
Maternity Demi Panel Skinny Jeans
The demi panel look like the low-rise fit on me. I could probably make the jeans work if I wore the Bella Band along with it, but again the muffin top didn't make me feel very good about my protruding tummy that is growing.
Maternity Smooth Panel Skinny Jeans
I was apprehensive and somewhat intimidated to try these ones on with the huge belly panel smooth panel, but almost as soon as I put them on I knew they were the ones. The length was perfect and I often have a hard time finding jeans long enough my legs, especially at Old Navy. The denim also has a good amount of stretch to it, so I think they'll fit me for the 5-ish months ahead. To be honest, the first day I wore them, I felt like they were sliding down a bit, so the next time I wore them with my Bell Band to keep them in place. I know they will fit me for months to come!

I also decided to check out the regular women's clearance rack and see if I could find a top or two that would work with my growing bump. Sure enough, I found a top I had admired months ago marked down to $10.99. It was a size larger than I usually wear, but it fit through the shoulders and gives some room for my bump!

I've heard from friends, accessories are the name of the game when it comes to pregnancy. Having that in the back of my mind, I wandered over to the scarves and soon found myself by the jewelry, noticing lots of 99-cent orange stickers! If you want to feel pulled together, get some versatile accessories. I scored two pairs of earrings, a grouping of seed bead bracelets and four rings for less than $5 total! I was thrilled to find some fun accessories in colors that will work through the spring and summer months (and maybe into fall).

I still have a few more things on my maternity wish list, but I am feeling more comfortable and confident with these first few purchases. Do you have any tips or tricks for making regular clothes work as maternity or finding great deals on maternity clothing?

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  1. So cute! Especially those $.99 earrings... doesn't bet much better than that.:)

  2. You look great Beth!! I love this outfit and those jeans look fantastic on you! xo

  3. You look super adorable!!! Happy to stumble upon pregnant fellow blogger-I'm 25 weeks pregnant:)

  4. Great simple outfit! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too. xo

  5. you look fantastic! Can not even tell those are maternity jeans!!

  6. I love Old Navy! Maternity style is so much better these's been 8 years and so many more options now!

  7. you are such a cutie! I honestly hardly wear mat clothes. the most important thing has been jeans and tights but so many tops these days are loose and flow or long tunics and they work great for maternity. i also highly suggest getting a bra extender it has allowed for a lot more comfort!

  8. you look BEAUTIFUL, beth!! can't wait to share ideas.

  9. I've been soooo out of the loop! CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! You look wonderful and stylish as always ;). Wishing you a lovely journey to baby!


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