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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it's good to rest

Taking two weeks off from blogging was both a relief and a challenge. In some ways, I needed the break in my routine and I relished the chance to step back and just enjoy Christmas. I also took some time out of the office, so it was nice to scrap the daily routine and lounge in sweatpants for a few days.

The challenge was wanting to share our Christmas or write a recap of 2012. I certainly could have broken my self-imposed blog break, but I knew I needed the time away. Without really planning it, I went for a whole week without opening my laptop! I (somewhat) kept up with email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via my phone or iPad. I also minimized my blog reading a bit :)

We stayed in town and didn't travel, which was relaxing. Christmas day was quiet and probably the most quiet we will have for years to come, as it was our last (God willing), just the two of us. It's crazy to think next year, we'll have a six month old baby! As we drove to Christmas Eve service, I said "this will likely be out last quiet Christmas for the next twenty years" and my husband replied "how about the rest of our lives." Oh, to think how life will change (and I don't even know the half of it)!

Over the two weeks off, I did take a few shots via Instagram. Do you follow me over there? Here's a peek at life while I was away from blogging...
1- I drank a lot of hot chocolate
2- the mister installed a new kitchen counter (more details/images will be coming soon)
3- Milton with a bell from a Christmas present around his neck on Christmas Day (he got totally freaked out by its jingle)
4- I look forward to Mint M&M's at Christmastime
5- proof that I wore sweats a relaxing evening of crochet and snuggles
6- the sad chore of taking down Christmas decor and the tree can only be made bearable with a good movie
7- my candle on Christmas Eve
8- the mister and me on Christmas day
9- watching the Rose Parade

Such breaks from routine are good for the soul. I spent some time to considering blogging. I didn't make any resolutions per say, but I did reflect on my purpose and set some goals for 2013. In the coming week, I'll be posting a reader survey to get your insights.

How did you spend your Christmas and New Year's? Did you take a blog or any other kind of break?


  1. love your updates, beth!! still so excited for you guys and so glad you got to relax over the holiday!

  2. Your dog is too adorable! I love taking blogging breaks. Sometimes they are unplanned and sometimes it just means blogging less. My Christmas tree is still up because I went on vacation. I will be sad to take it down too! -Jessica L

  3. Somehow I missed the BIG announcement...I guess it got buried in my neglected reader :) Congrats on the wee one! I can totally relate to lots of moments of "This is the last time..." with my hubby too and lots of thinking about how life will change too :)

  4. my break, as you know, is the shop break.

    i love mr. milton and his collar. bells would freak out nes too.


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