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Friday, January 18, 2013

first trimester essentials

The first trimester was no joke for me. I'm thankful I didn't experience a lot of morning sickness, but I did struggle with nausea and fatigue. I have never been more tired! Throughout those first thirteen weeks there were certain products I found myself using and came to rely on.

1- Wearing a little nail polish always makes me feel more pulled together and pretty and during the first thirteen weeks, I desperately wanted to feel pretty (hello bloating and fatigue!). I also noticed my nails were growing faster thanks to the hormones and prenatal vitamins. I really liked this neutral color from Zoya called Pasha.

2- I finally purchased a Bella Band when I was about eight weeks along. Adding it to my wardrobe made all the difference, allowing me you to wear pre-pregnacy pants unbuttoned (I didn't start wearing maternity pants until my second trimester). I got the black one, but would also consider getting a white one too. They blend well with my tank tops for a layered look.

3- I learned eating almonds helps stave off nausea because they're packed with protein. I started carrying almonds with me everywhere, so I could snack on them whenever I felt hungry. They did a great job of filling me up and avoiding bouts of nausea. Trader Joe's makes convenient packages called Just a Handful.

4- Drinking lots of water throughout pregnancy is a must and carrying a water bottle helps me consume enough water daily. I've been using Camelbak's 22 oz. Performance Bottle. The top locks avoid spills (but I don't just throw it in my purse, it would leak a small amount there).

5- I don't know if it's just the colder months (my first trimester started in October), but my skin was dryer than usual. Overnight, I used Alba's Sea Plus Renewal Night Cream on dryer parts of my face (I use my regular moisturizer with SPF during the day).

I'm sure there are a few other products I used, but these are the ones I came to love. This is not a sponsored post and I'm not using affiliate links; I simply wanted to share a few products that worked well for me. Do you have anything to add?


  1. I am definitely getting a Bella Band with my next baby! I didn't have one with my first and I used a hair elastic to extend my pants. Ghetto anyone? ;)

    I'm totally understand the fatigue! I didn't have morning sickness either, but I was extremely tired and unmotivated. Not good when I was still working. Haha.

    Hope you have a great Friday!! :)

  2. I didn't realize that almonds help with nausea - so cool! Such a better alternative to crackers since they're super healthy for you! have a wonderful weekend beth :)

  3. What great advice! The first trimester is a bit rough, but the second is fabulous! :)

  4. amen on the nail polish :) one of my essentials was that palmers coconut butter stuff for stretch marks, i used it religiously and it seems to have worked!

  5. SUCH great advice! so glad to be following along and learning from you!!! i bought a bella band and i LOVE it!


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