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Monday, January 28, 2013

a hero

Mom always called him our hero. And even though it took me years to understand why, as a two or three year old I couldn't wait for him to get home from work. When I heard the garage door open in the evening, I'd stop what I was doing and anxiously await. Once he was inside, he would start to to hum very loudly the tune to the William Tell Overture, which was really more of a "bup, bada bup, bada bup, bup, bup,bup." I knew this meant one thing: he would come into the room, scoop me up and proceed to gallop with me throughout the house as he continued the hum/sing the theme music from Bonanza.

I honestly have no idea how it all started, but it's one of the sweetest memories I have from my childhood. And you'll never guess what my ringtone is on his phone when I call ;-)

photo by Meaghan Elliott

He was indeed my first hero. He taught me so many things like riding a bike, how to shovel snow and using file folders to keep my documents organized. He took me to the father-daughter dances with the Girls Scouts and never complained about having to dress for the 1950's or square dancing.

When I think back on fond childhood memories of Dad, I can't help but get excited to see him become a grandpa this year. I'm so thankful our child will be able to look up to him too.

Happy Birthday, Dad!


  1. Such a sweet post! I teared up a little :).

  2. Ah, looks like you've got a wonderful dad :) Such a gift!

  3. beautiful post. :) thank you so much for sharing.

  4. oh my gosh, this is such a sweet post. that memory -- makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. how special :) hope he feels loved today.


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