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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas traditions

Growing up, I would look forward to pulling out our advent calendar and reading what was hidden in each day's pocket. I also loved to help decorate the house for Christmas, pulling out wreaths, stockings and all the ornaments. My favorite tradition was opening one gift on Christmas Eve after we read the Christmas story from Luke.

Another favorite tradition started with my mom; each year she'd get an get an ornament for me. I still love pulling out my ornaments of a Cabbage Patch Kid, Care Bear, flute playing cherub, and various angels (just to name a few). I've adopted this tradition as my own by either making an ornament or buying one to represent the year. I haven't yet decided what this year's ornament will be.

As an adult, Christmas traditions take on a different form. We can keep the ones we like and create new ones. This will be our third Christmas as a married couple and I like to think we've claimed a few traditions of our own:
+ get a live tree and string it with white lights
+ listen to Christmas music when we decorate the tree
+ my version of holiday baking doesn't involve sugar cookies (even though I love the taste of them)
+ watch The Holiday
+ see a live Christmas concert in Boston

Over the past few years, we've had a mantle (shown above). I've love to decorate it a bit different every year. This year, I went with a white and silver color palette with pops of green and red. I used this printable I found via Pinterest. The bottles are upcycled glass bottles I saved and removed the labels from; some are spray painted.

What Christmas traditions have you made your own?


  1. i love Christmas traditions! i found a new one this year that I can't wait to start doing once we have kids - it's the pickle ornament. have you heard of it? google it!! such a cool tradition!!

  2. I LOVE that mantel. my only gripe about my home? NO FIREPLACE! and it was built in 1942... so odd.

  3. So pretty! Love your traditions because they are very similar to mine! Your mantel is so gorgeous, something I'd love to see every year whether or not it was different!

  4. So pretty and what neat traditions old and new! I love that you go to a concert together! So special :)

  5. This is our third Christmas as a married couple, too! I love your traditions!
    We added red lights to our typically all white tree this year, I am loving the change :)

  6. I am in absolute love with your mantle! I can't wait to start traditions of my own with the guy I love :D As of right now, some traditions include going to midnight mass, buying a live tree (always) and I am beginning to start my own individual ones of creating new xmas handmade decor every year so that when I have my own home, it'll all be handmade!

    - Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

  7. i can listen to xmas music.... all the time!

    Sandy a la Mode

  8. That fireplace and mantle are gorgeous! Such character! And those are some sweet Christmas traditions you had growing up. The DH and I don't particularly have any traditions quite yet. This is our first Christmas at home together! -Jessica L


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