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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

seeking rest

Our lives are scheduled and the nights we find ourselves both home with no meeting to run off to are rare. Because of the various commitments my husband and I have, we often feel like life can be a juggling act. There may only be two of us, but there are appointments, classes, work schedules, volunteer roles and more to track.

We share a google calendar, rather than a paper one hanging in our kitchen/office. We are more likely to be away from home when we're making plans and by updating the shared calendar we can keep tabs on the other. In addition to the shared google calendar, I have my work calendar and my blog calendar, all of which sync to my phone and iPad.

Source: via Federico on Pinterest

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I think I am over-scheduled. It has taken months to make dinner plans happen with another couple in our church. In our culture of busy-ness, it's as if you're not busy, you must not be doing anything worthwhile or so you're made to think.

As Thanksgiving draws near, I will be out of the office for five consecutive days, and I find myself anticipating rest. We have plans to travel to see family several states away, but I am looking forward to a break from our daily routine. If all goes as "planned" we will eat too much, watch television/movies and catch up with loved ones while wearing our slippers.

Rest can be a hard concept for us to grasp in a culture that praises synced calendars and glorifies multi-tasking. December is just around the corner and it's often the busiest season of all, with holiday parties to attend, shopping to be done and goodies to be baked. This year, I want to reclaim the season and seek rest. It will likely mean saying no more than usual and letting a few people down. But quieting our weary bodies and resting our overactive minds will allow us to find joy in the true reason for Christmas.

How do you rest?


  1. I'm so happy to have this week of rest. Although, I find myself wondering if I'm doing enough. Such a double standard ;)
    Thanks for the reminder to REST!

  2. rest is so hard for me. i am always going always doing and always running - so slowing down can be a challenge!

  3. i am NOT good at rest. (especially lately) but this sunday I am so excited to be done with the craft show-- and I'm going to read, paint my toenails, go to church and clean my bathroom. things I can hardly wait to do :)

  4. I have been experiencing some wonderful rest this weekend that I have needed so much! I've realized that lately that if I have an open night, I think of it as something that can be filled. But I need to realize more that I should schedule rest into my week, so I can officially say, "sorry, I'm busy that night" (busy resting!). :)


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