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Monday, November 5, 2012

our home {renovation update}

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was restful. My poor husband raked 18 bags of leaves in our backyard on Saturday! I've had a nagging cough, so I wasn't much help.

Continuing with 30 days of Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for our home. We've lived here for just over a year and a half, and while there are parts that look unfinished or aren't as done as we would like them to be, it's still our home. The very very first house we've ever owned and it's the first house we've gotten to make changes to.

We started with the kitchen, which led to the second bathroom and laundry room because all the areas are so close together. The door from the bathroom was moved because it opened rather awkwardly into the kitchen and now you have to go through the laundry room to get to the bathroom. These are before and current shots (I wouldn't say any of them are done, so no 'after' just yet).

Although we haven't completely finished the above areas ((they are completely functional)), we moved on to re-do the upstairs bathroom. Check out the full post on this project for details on how we renovated under $300!

The front door was another great update we've made. We found an unfinished pre-hung door, which my husband was able to finish and install. It's beautiful and I have yet to hang a wreath on it (as I once said I was going to).

The living room was another undertaking. Just a month after moving in, the bathtub leaked, causing a lot of water damage in the room below. Because the ceiling and walls are made of plaster, we ended up pulling down the entire ceiling. We lived for over a year with no ceiling in our living room! The good thing was that it allowed my husband to install recessed lighting and at Christmas, I strung lights around the open beams. Thankfully, we were able to install a ceiling this summer and had a lot of help (remember when I wrote about that?) Though the ceiling isn't painted or the floor boards installed, it's a huge improvement to our living room.

I can't choose just one thing about our home I am most thankful for with so many great updates. But each update has brought a new feeling of this place being ours. We are blessed to leave our mark on this 90 year old home for the time that it is entrusted to our care.

What about your home makes you thankful?


  1. It all looks fantastic so far! I think the biggest reward is knowing that you've done it all! Great job to you and hubby!

  2. looking good! I love the progress you have made so far! Oh, and it is the perfect time to make a wreath-either for Thanksgiving or Christmas!=)

  3. what the freaking fantastic!
    if we were not renting our house and moving in april i would love to do some things like these, but these look so great!


  4. you guys are incredible! the kitchen looks awesome :)

  5. I adore your kitchen :) The hanging pots are perfect!! It looks like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy some coffee in the morning ;)

  6. Y'all are doing great! Before my husband and I moved into our home, we updated a LOT. There are still some areas that need work, but for now it's fine. I think doing it yourself also helps you to appreciate it more. :)

  7. loving your kitchen! we haven't done too much to our place because we're renting, but someday i'm looking forward to making a home truly our own. :)

  8. Wow, amazing updates! Good for you guys. Must feel good!

  9. Beth your home is beautiful :) great job on all of your work so far! Your kitchen is stunning!

  10. wow! you have made some amazing progress.

  11. ahhhh i LOVE your front door, beth!! you guys are quite the DIYers!


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