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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today, is going to be an interesting one. It's election day in the US and I am quite anxious to see what the outcome of the presidential election is going to be. Don't worry, I'm not going to badger you one way or another about my political views, but this day makes me thankful I live in a democratic nation.

Last week, I heard an unsettling NPR interview with a Chinese woman who was displaced from the home she owned and has been forced to live in an apartment for the past nine years. They government promised she will get a new home, yet nothing has changed in nine years. Being an American, I cannot even fathom being evicted from my own home and forcing me to live in an apartment, not to mention the other despicable things the report shared.

In gratitude for my freedom, I choose to vote. I believe it's my civic duty to make an informed decision and cast my vote. Check out VoteSmart or Electful, non-partisan sites offering information about candidates and issues before you head to the polls today!


  1. wow - what a story! we are so blessed in this country!

  2. I cannot even fathom living in China... I have heard similar stories.


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