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Sunday, October 28, 2012

#YOLOmondays are back!

Happy ((almost)) Monday! We're are anxiously awaiting the impending storm here in the Northeast. Have you heard about Frankenstorm?! Hurricane Sandy is supposed to cross paths with a cold front, creating the perfect storm. Schools are already closing and I get the day off tomorrow due the storm! Will you be impacted by the storm?

Do you follow me on Instagram? Lately, it's been my favorite form of social media. I love seeing what others are up to, eating and seeing. And it's seriously been a while since I linked up with the awesome Molly for #YOLOmondays.

Sad story: I was in the Dollar Store of all places, when I had to make a choice between dropping my phone or a mug. I must say, if it happens again I would choose differently. In the mean time, I'm thankful it works and put a screen protector over the broken glass in hopes that my poor cell phone will make it through the next month or so ((I'm due for an upgrade in December)).

My birthday was last week and boy did I feel spoiled?! I have to share a few photos!
>> Even Google know it was my birthday :)
>> My hubby made me a carrot cake from scratch and surprised me by taking it to our community group ahead of time so it was there when I arrived with him later on.
>> My community group gave me these beautiful flowers.

I got my first Stichfix in the mail ((don't worry, more details will come on this later in the week))!

I've also loved trying out some items in my Influenster Beauty Box.
>> I picked up the full-size Not Your Mother's frizz control cream at Target for less than $5 on Friday.
>> We've been battling soar throats and colds around here, so E Boost has come in handy.

Earlier in the week, Milton and Brandon were under the weather, so they've been resting.

We enjoyed a relaxing Saturday, complete with a yummy breakfast out and a wee bit of shopping. We also spent some time with friends that afternoon and evening, but my phone died and I didn't get to capture any of it.
>> We went out for breakfast, one of my favorite things to do!
>> Milton enjoyed some outside time...he loves the leaves!

How was your weekend?
((I'm linking up with Molly for #YOLOMondays!))


  1. it has been raining here ALL day thanks to Sandy. Lots of flooding in neighborhoods around us but not ours, thank gosh. Hope you guys are safe tomorrow. p.s. it looks like you had an amazing birthday, I don't think I ever officially said Happy Birthday, so happy belated birthday. so sad about your phone :(

  2. Hang in there with the storm! I lived on the East Coast for awhile and I kinda liked having days off while it was storming. Luckily it never got too bad for us. Just power outages a couple of times. Happy belated birthday!! xoxo

  3. yay! thanks for linking up, beth!! :) love when you do! :) and that's awesome even GOOGLE knew it was your birthday! such a celeb :) :) :) also, i have really been wanting to try stitchfix. i've heard it's amazing!

  4. Hi Beth! Happy belated Birthday! Stay safe!


  5. Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a great one! Your pup is super cute! Stopping by from yolomonday! :)

  6. i wish i had the day off... haha.

    also, the photo with your phone? I have that EXACT tablecloth! I got it from goodwill :)

  7. I am so sorry about your phone screen!
    I am going to pretend I never saw StitchFix -- it seems kind of addicting ;)
    Happy Belated Birthday!


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