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Sunday, October 14, 2012

on missing out

As you may already know, last week was the Influence Conference. I was not able to attend, but I followed along via Twitter (check out #InfluenceConf for some gems of the weekend's content). Honestly, it was bittersweet. At times, I loved following along on Twitter and Instagram and reading a blog post written while attending the conference. Other times, I felt left out and regretted missing a chance to connect and grow in person.

But rather than buying the lie and believing it wasn't for me because of circumstances (i.e. we didn't have the money to buy a conference ticket, plane ticket and pay for a hotel room), I knew there were real reasons that kept me home. 

Like most, I hate missing out and feeling left out. I didn't avoid Twitter or IG anymore than usual over the weekend (I don't often keep up with Twitter on the weekends like I do during the week). But I engaged where I was over the weekend rather than wallow in self-pity and focus on missing out on what was happening in Indianapolis. 

I'm so grateful I...
+ had a spontaneous date with the mister on Thursday evening because his class was canceled
+ spent time with a friend and caught up on Friday evening
+ attended Homecoming festivities at the university where I work on Saturday
+ shared a meal with old + new friends on Saturday evening
+ got to know a woman in my church better over serving together on Sunday morning

Sometimes, it's just better to focus on the good and count my blessings. There are other ways I can invest in my blog, even when I don't attend conferences. I'm grateful for the Naptime Diaries Mentorship program I've been part of. I am thankful for the blog friends I've met in real life and I know I'll continue the habit of meeting others in person as opportunities present themselves.   

I could have played the comparison game, bought the lies my blog wasn't popular enough or I'm not spending enough money on my blog for it to "succeed."  But where would that leave me? Feeling sorry for myself is no way to live. I do hope to attend a blog conference some day. 

For now, I will continue to network online and glean what I can from hashtags and anticipate a lot of great blog posts from those who attended :) I took advantage of a sale on Ann's book, Work Shift, thanks to her being a conference speaker. I also connected with Adproval, one of the conference sponsors. All is not lost.  

How do you handle missing out?

I do hope to attend a blog conference, especially Influence in the future and I am truly happy for those who got to be part of it. I have loved what I have read and heard from its founders. 


  1. i think sometimes social media makes it so we have this fear of missing out all the time, you know? I knew that I couldn't go to influence because I chose to fly and visit my best friend in san diego last week.

    and that trip was worth it. worth the plane trip, worth my time.

    and i made that decision. but then i saw the tweets, the statuses and a little tiny voice told me feel like I was missing out.

    but I know that I am blessed where I am, I was blessed by my trip and I am living life where I am, where I was this weekend.

    it's good you have this point of view as well.

    love to you!

    1. You both are so beautiful to me. Beth, I can't wait to hug you again and Erika it'll be awesome to meet someday. I'm sorry you missed out....I know those feelings as well and think you wrote on those feelings well. :) love, V

  2. Yes, I feel you! It was bittersweet for me as well seeing updates, knowing God was doing amazing things but sad I wasn't able to be join in on the movement. But you are so right -- those thoughts are lies deceiving us that we aren't good enough. Thanks for this post, it was a great reminder that I am right where I need to be.

    1. Thanks for reading, Ginna. My computer desktop this month says "You are exactly where you need to be." It's been a beautiful reminder :)

  3. I agree with this as well though my reasons were not just financial (though if I didn't have a baby 1 week before the conf I still wouldn't afford to go). I too followed along on twitter and instagram taking in the wisdom of those who were able to go. I feel so blessed to be where I am right now, and hope that some day in the future (though I know for sure it won't be next year because it is right around the time my friends and I are planning our 30th birthday bash in NYC) I will get to attend a blog conference (and maybe influence). I was thinking in the meantime, maybe we should do something for New England bloggers, just a meet up time or something? I am not big enough or 'influential' enough to know very many other New England Bloggers but I know there are some out there? What do you think?

  4. This was a great post, Beth! I love how you focused on the blessing and took a lesson from a possible negative situation. That is what I do, I focus on what I do have - because that always out ways what I don't...always. I think your blog is great - so keep writing :)

  5. LOVE this post, beth!! i spoke with a blog friend who attended influence and she said it was amazing. i hope to go someday!! you are amazing!!


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