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Monday, October 22, 2012

for the love of paper goods ((+ giveaway))

I've shared my love for school supplies with you all before. There's something so exciting to me about writing in a new journal for the first time. The pages are crisp and the possibilities are endless with that it could become: a diary, a bunch of lists, etc. I could go on and on about the paper products I love or my trunk full of note cards and card making supplies, but I'd rather you meet someone else with a passion for office supplies. Meet Sharon...

Hi everyone! Before I get started, I would just like to thank Beth for inviting me to share a bit about myself with all of you! My name is Sharon and I'm the bookbinder/creator over at Soundless Soliloquy.

I now live in Montreal, but I grew up in Botswana (Southern Africa), where my father owns an office supply store. As a child, I spent countless hours in the shop. Literally. The time would fly by looking at pens, pencils, notebooks, art supplies, and even post-it blocks. Basically anything I could get my hands on. If its something you can find in a stationery store, you can bet that I've probably obsessed about it at some point during my life.

Fast-forward to present day and you'll see that my love of paper has translated into a small business. In 2010, I began bookbinding as a hobby and a year later, I established Soundless Soliloquy. Each and every journal that I make is created entirely by hand. I begin by cutting the paper down to size and folding each sheet individually. All the pages are then sewn together, and finally the bookmark and cover are glued on.

It's a lengthy, but beautiful process that takes simple raw materials - paper, thread, material and glue - and transforms them into a whole different object. A little nugget of truth that I'm constantly reminded of, when going through each step of building a journal, is that sometimes we have to slow down and appreciate the amount of time it takes for things to come together properly. In our world of now, now, now, this isn't always easy. But most of the time, it's just what we need.

What is your favorite thing to DO in October?
Without a doubt, my favorite thing to do in October is take a drive from Montreal to the countryside east of the city. There is really nothing quite comparable to the colours of fall foliage at their peak. The greens, reds, oranges and yellows that the Master painter brushes in broad strokes across the forest can take your breath away. ((see photo below))

What is your favorite thing to EAT in October?
Five years ago I tasted pumpkin pie for the first time. It was smothered in whipped cream, and it was delectable. I fell in love. I've had pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving since. Except this year. I recently discovered I am gluten intolerant and the idea of marring my memory of sweet silky pumpkin pie with a poor gluten free substitute is terrifying.

What is your favorite SCENT in October?
To be honest, I'm not particularly partial to scents. I could take it or leave it. If I had to pick something though, it would probably be a toss up between the smell of pumpkin pie baking and the crisp smell of a cool autumnal day.

What do you love to WEAR in October?
October in Montreal is chilly and windy. The weather cools considerably and we usually get our first glimpse of snow around Halloween - beautiful flurries that swirl around you and dissolve upon contact with anything. To keep me warm, I've been loving this headband by Westlake Designs and the cowl ((pictured above)) by Mes Trois Soeurs, both local Montreal designers.

As promised in the title, Sharon is giving away a quarter-page journal ((see photo below)) and giving 15% off to all readers who use code CITYDOT on their purchase!

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  1. looove the pocket chevron notebook! so cute! :)

  2. I really love the navy blue pocket notebook!! That color is so pretty!!

  3. i love the pocket chevron notebook as well!

  4. loooove them all but the faux lather handbound grey one would probably be my favorite! so glad to see another Canadian in the blogging world.

  5. The pocket chevron book and the red leather book are my favorites!! :)

  6. i like the pocket tan journal notebook best. cutie!

  7. loving the pocket chevron but they are all so lovely!

  8. the pocket chevron is my favorite! i love school supplies, too!! office depot and staples are the BEST

  9. I love the pocket chevron notebook!

  10. MEDIUM Faux Leather Journal Notebook, Tan, Soft-cover, Handbound

  11. MEDIUM Navy Journal Faux Leather Journal Soft-cover, Handbound Notebook is my favorite!!

  12. MEDIUM Navy Journal Faux Leather Journal Soft-cover, Handbound Notebook is my favorite!!


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