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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

30 something lessons

Yesterday, Jessi wrote about writing from a place of experience, growth and change. I already had an idea for today's post stirring, but I must say her words spurred me in the best possible way.

Today, I will celebrate 32 years of life on this earth. I have been blessed with a loving family, adoring husband and friends spread around the world. I'm sure I've learned a lot more than 32 lessons, but it seems like a good number to share ((as you'll see, some lessons are silly while others are serious))

  1. I shouldn't waste money on high heels. Ever. I don't wear them, even though I like the look of them. They collect dust in my closet and I'm really better off with cute flats! 
  2. Coming home to a dog really can be the best cure for a bad day. He's always so happy to see me and is fueled by unconditional love. Thanks, Milton!
  3. I like to read (even though I've spent years telling myself otherwise). I just struggle to find the right thing to read, meaning a book I'll actually finish.
  4. Grief is something I may never understand, but I am grateful for times I can process pain and share the happy memories I have. 
  5. There really is a reward in risk taking. Whether it's blogging or wearing a print with stripes, I need to just go for it. 
  6. Home renovation is serious work. We dance between the need for time and money to finish projects, but we've learned how to scour the oops paint shelves and find deals in the clearance section.
  7. I'm not the one who does home renovation. He does and I blog about it :)
  8. Sometimes the chores have to wait and it's better to spend a Saturday resting rather than busying myself with a list of errands and cleaning and I'm so grateful I have a husband who supports this idea.
  9. Hearing 'no' isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm grateful I took Hayley's challenge to heart earlier this year. I have risked more and gained more, while also hearing golden 'nos' on multiple occasions.
  10. I make mistakes, but I've learned to forgive and move on. 
  11. I should strike up conversation in the grocery store more often. This is still a challenge for my introverted tendencies, but I'm often rewarded with interesting conversation and at the very least a smile when I engage someone I don't know. 
  12. Ask for help. People can't read my mind and while it can be difficult and humbling to ask for help, life is easier with a friend or two.
  13. Some of the best DIY ideas are right under your nose! Remember the upcycled glass bottles or dry erase key caddy?
  14. If scarves and cardigans were removed from my closet, I would cry. Maybe not, but I'd be seriously lost as to how to accessorize an outfit. From September to May, I wear one or both almost daily!
  15. Be flexible when it comes to scheduling. It's great to have a plan, but sticking to a schedule isn't more important than making time for people. Some of my favorite dates with my husband have been spontaneous when he's skipped class or we've pulled out of a commitment because we needed to make time for us. 
  16. Make a habit of purging. Whether it's my closet, the linen closet, or junk drawer, a seasonal cleaning and re-organization is worth it. And what could be more fun, but to host a clothing swap with your friends?
  17. Be generous. No matter if it's my time or money, I want to be someone who gives. I may not always have the resources to give in a way that I want, but it's okay to be creative and give more of my time and energy.
  18. A little confidence goes a long way. I have tricked myself into thinking I'm confident about outfit posts on this blog long enough to post them; these jackets turned vests are a great example of something I was afraid to try, but loved wearing.
  19. It's okay that my husband enjoys cooking more than me. I struggled with this one for the first year of our marriage, but now I see it as a blessing rather than the kitchen as a territorial issue. 
  20. It's okay to turn down good things. I struggle with saying no, but just because something is good doesn't mean it's bad to say no. The timing may not be right for me. I still have this napkin as a reminder to myself.
  21. Waiting is hard, but I often learn from the process, rather than the end result.
  22. One man's trash really can become another's treasure. Remember the coffee table we picked up on the side of the road?
  23. I should check the local thrift shop before I venture to a retail store. Time after time, I find myself in a thrift/consignment shop coming across items similar to those I last bought brand new. When will I learn?
  24. As a working woman, it's totally acceptable to rely on a crockpot to prepare your dinner and such old fashioned 'technology' should not be overlooked
  25. Cutting back on meat in our diet has been a healthy change, as well as one that's spurred creativity. We've found we eat fewer carbs and have to plan our meals more carefully, but it's been a healthy adjustment for us in this season. 
  26. Going out for breakfast is such a treat! It's my favorite meal to eat at a restaurant :)
  27. I don't have to be logged on to my computer to tweet in my sleep, thanks to the beauty of Hootsuite.
  28. Road trips are fun! It may take some planning and preparation, but it's worth the effort to make a long few days of driving an adventure.
  29. I can make friends almost anywhere and find community online. While online community doesn't take the place of real life, face to face community, I'm grateful to connect with like-minded friends via blogging. 
  30. Just because something is on sale or I have a coupon, doesn't mean that buying an item is a good idea. I have learned to be more intentional when I shop so that I purchase things that I'll wear from one season to the next and build a solid wardrobe I'm confident in pulling out an outfit from, rather than standing in front of my full closet asking myself "what should I wear?"
  31. Sometimes, stringing twinkle lights to the ceiling is really a great way to distract from the work that needs to be done and cheer up a room.
  32. Marriage isn't always what I expected, but I am so grateful to share life with Brandon.
If you made it this far, I'll let you in on a secret...the photos above are old, as in THREE years old from our engagement session old. But I still love playing in the leaves!


  1. Lots of great lessons here! Also I just checked out HootSuite. Thanks! You are a life saver. Love it already.

  2. Great great lessons; thanks for sharing! I am 32 also and its funny how much you learn from your 20's to your 30's.


  3. love this! happy birthday beth!!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a great list, and I also am a superfan of Hootsuite. Been thinking about getting a slow cooker lately too, maybe it's a 30s thing? :)

  5. Happy birthday! Totally agree with you on "one man's junk is another's treasure". DIY! :)

  6. love this! bookmarking so i can read again soon, to be reminded. :) & happiest of birthdays to you! xoxo!

  7. "Sometimes the chores have to wait and it's better to spend a Saturday resting rather than busying myself with a list of errands and cleaning and I'm so grateful I have a husband who supports this idea."

    -- amen. learning to let go over here.

    and i feel like so many of these things I could say amen to!

    also, i JUST joined hootsuite. now i can tweet to you earlybird eastern coast folk!

    happy birthday lady! hope you feel celebrated!

  8. happy birthday!! and yea, omg home renovations take forever!!! much longer than planned usually!

    Sandy a la Mode

  9. This is such a cute post! What a fun way to celebrate :) Happy happy birthday!!!!

  10. AHHHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad you were able to celebrate and look back on 32 amazing years. i don't care of those photos are three years old, i love them!! so pretty!!


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