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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who is ready for crisp?

Happy Thursday, today I get to introduce to you one of my most loyal sponsors, Bernaette. She shares her heart about faith and life in Western Michigan, and much more. I'm excited for you to read her reflection on fall!

Hi! I am Bernadette, and I write over at Barefoot Hippie Girl about life, fitness, cooking, projects, and whatever else is on my mind and heart.

Thanks, Beth, for entrusting me with your space today. I will try not to lose you any readers.

The summer days are swishing past, and soon the calendar will be turning from sultry August to crispy September. And, I, for one, am glad.

I used to be a summer/winter lover. Before babies and hormonal changes. Before I learned the wonder of moderation versus extremes. Before I reveled in the glories of each new season.

Winter is the time to hunker down. Spring is new life. Summer means foot loose and fancy free.

Fall signals a return to the structure and schedule of school and “evening” activities that were shelved for the looser and more fluid parameters of the summer.

Fall is synonymous with crisp. Crisp temperatures. Crisp apples. Crisp leaves.

Fall brings to mind the comfort of bulky sweaters and scarves. Of hot apple cider and donuts. Of hearty soup recipes and homemade bread.

Fall is the vibrant colors of the leaves-golds, reds, oranges-complimented with pumpkins and corn stalks decorating everything.

Fall is the scent of hay on wagon rides, and fresh picked apples, and campfires and newly sharpened pencils.

Fall is the time to run. The time to pick up where you left off in May or early June. To push yourself, and meet new goals.

Fall is the time to be outside. Picking apples. Raking huge piles of leaves to jump in. Walks with family and friends.

Fall is the time for another year to be added to my age. Growing older, and hopefully wiser.

If spring is the reminder of new life after the dead of winter, fall is the time to reflect on all the blessings we have been endued with. The abundant harvest from the seeds planted and tended throughout the spring and summer.

Fall is a very sensory reminder of the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

The changing of the seasons is a reminder of God’s faithfulness, and that He keeps every one of His promises.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night, shall not cease. Genesis 8:22

Now, I embrace fall. I look forward to its coming.

To everything there is a season...Ecclesiastes 3:1


  1. I love the crispness of fall! Never thought to use that word, but it describes this time of year perfectly! Well, except for SC. We don't get 'crispy' until mid-October, at least :)

  2. I can't WAIT for fall. I'm tired of the heat (and having our air on full blast), bring on the sweaters, homecoming and apple picking!

  3. Fall is my very most favorite season of ALL !!!
    Loved this post and this is my first time visiting here I think...thanks for bringing me on over Bernadette :)


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