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Thursday, September 13, 2012

transition to fall

It's no secret, I am loving fall! On Sunday, I enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte of the season (PSL).

I promise, I don't always dress to match my Starbucks cup! But I did think it was funny enough to take a photo ;-)

Anyway, the point is not that I like to dress like a Starbucks cup!

Today, I'm talking about the transitional fall pieces I'm loving. I'm probably biased because every time I take those What Season Are You? tests I come up as fall. But let's embrace it.

Lately, my outfits have included one or more of the following elements:
+ Browns with a pop of color such as coral, orange, teal
+ Cropped pants, since it's still warm
+ Neutral tones mixed with contrasting colors
+ Earthy jewelry, such as wooden beads
+ Layers

A few things I'm still waiting to add to my wardrobe until it's officially fall:
+ Boots
+ Tights
+ Sweaters, not including cardigans

What are you wearing lately?


  1. i'm really loving the jewel tones this fall - AND so excited that chambray is still big. it goes with ERRRRRRY THANG!

  2. it's funny because the curtain behind you matches, too!
    i'm with you on the fall season. it's my favorite, too and i've wasted no time starting to wear scarves and boots. i wear boots all year around, but i'm wearing them way more now!


  3. Love your outfits! I'm a "fall" too :). And I have yet to get myself a pumpkin spice latte - need to fix that quick!!

  4. Fall has always been my favorite season. I insisted we get married in the fall, and even though our wedding date was December 1, I not so subtly reminded my husband that winter doesn't officially start until December 21. Of course, it was 70+ degrees the day we got married. Of course!

    I see a big surge of PSL in my timeline on Twitter. Having worked at Starbucks in the past, I can't get behind that particular trend. I never fault anyone who enjoys it, though! Love the photo. :)

  5. oh girl we are gonna get along SO WELL! Fall is my favorite of ALL - now i just need a cool "something or other" to match my starbucks cup. ha!


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