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Monday, September 3, 2012

There's elephant in the room

Friends, do I have a treat for you today?! I am so excited for you to meet sweet Em! She and I share a special love for the city ((different cities)) and church planting, among other things. Em also has a great eye for design, along with a love for finding the frugal way to do things. I hope you enjoy her project an go read her blog!

Hi! I'm Emily and am a happy guest of Beth's today. I blog at {our nest in the city} and you can follow my tweets here.

Now, lets see what we can do in 10 minutes to spruce up our home decor, shall we?
I love changing up the decor in my house and get bored of spaces so quickly, but I'm also on a tight budget. 
 One way I love to add a touch of fun to a space is spray-painted figurines. You can pick any colour and the finish of spray paint is already glossy, so no need for a clear top coat!

I found this elephant for $1.25 at the Salvation Army and knew immediately he would hang out on my bedside table/mom cave. Trouble was he had some unfotunate metallic markings and wasn't in the best shape. 


A few sprays of white spray paint later, he was looking fab! 

What's your favourite thing to spray paint?
Ceramic animals are mine!


  1. so cute! i've spray painted little animals and this weekend I worked on a huge armouir! :)

  2. Love it, I also happen to love elephants (I even spray painted one and made a planter out of it once). I'm your newest follower by the way :)


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