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Thursday, September 20, 2012

question of the month

Each month, I ask my sponsors a question and it's usually related to community because it's one of the reasons I blog. I am excited to introduce this month's lineup to you and for you to hear how the feel a sense of connection to another's blog. And please, check out their blogs or connect with them in one of their links listed!

I'd say I feel most connected to another's blog when they share from the heart and show their personality. This is easier on some types of blogs than others, to be sure. If it's a family/mommy blog then there may be more personal story-telling going on on a regular basis whereas if it's a decorating/business/cooking blog it may be harder to crack the surface. But the point still stands that I don't feel connected until that happens. I feel like I know Danielle because she blogs the way I'd imagine she talks. Her choice words and phrases connects her readers. Same goes with Jami who shares so much that is personal in still a classy and lovely way.
Brooke of The Intentional Momma says:
First of all, do I have some stuff in common with the blogger and would I want to be friends with her in real life? Or, do I totally love the projects she's doing (or does she have great ideas for kid activities)? Do I connect with her on a deeper level? Maybe her stories are especially touching, thought-provoking, funny, inspiring, or real. A really cute blog design is always fun, too!
I feel connected to another blog when they are honest with their readers. I don't mean you have to share your entire life story but I feel connected when you share stories that are real. No one is perfect!

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Brittany of Itsy Bitty Things says:
I feel most connected to someone's blog when I can relate to them! I love when bloggers show their imperfections. So many blogs only showcase the beautiful parts of daily life. I love when somone will take outfit photos and then point out the giant hole in the back of their leggings and make a joke about it. That's life! At least, that's how my life is.
Mary of Mary in Marriedland says:
I feel connected to another person's blog when they simply share photos from everyday life
and they openly share their hearts with no pretense.

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Lauren of PearlsPoppiesPinkiesUp says:
Community and connecting with others is something that is innately in each of us. I think that the blogging world is such a great extension of that everyday community. It is an outlet to express ourselves creatively and reach out to others and make an impact, without even knowing the reader on the other side of the screen. Whether your blogging is focused on the everyday beauty of simplicity, home design, empowerment, delicious meals, the wonder of motherhood, faith, the ever changing fashion world, or outdoor adventure and/or more, in each niche there is the opportunity to engage with another whose passion is kindred to your own. There is a way to meet someone through the mere exchanging of a comment, encouragement in the confines of text, or through a simple photograph. I love how PearlsPoppiesPinkiesUp has connected me with a handful of thought provoking, intentional, sincere, and whole minded women that I would have otherwise never met. With that, what makes me feel most connected is when I actually experience just that, the real character of the person behind the blog. The sincerity, intentionality, and realness of that the blogger. Just as in the non-blogging world, I feel most connected to another when I can relate and there is a two way relationship in a sense. They are engaged with their readers and quality, not quantity, is a priority. I would say that my 'love language' is quality time spent with others, so for me, that "quality" in a blog is important to me. This question is a perfect one to answer here on Dot in the City, because I feel like Beth does just that. She really shows that sincerity for her readers and you can see her desire to connect others in a quality fashion. And when it really comes down to it, if we strip away that desire to blog and post and post some more, community and connecting is at the heart of why we blog, is it not?

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Bernadette of Barefoot Hippie Girl says:
There are 3 things that make me feel connected with other blogs.
#1- Being a follower and reading the posts-whether by email or GFC.
#2- Commenting on blogs. Once you make a habit of commenting on your regular reads, you and the author begin to form a relationship. I have made several good friends through this.
#3- Sponsoring the blog. It is investing tangibly in your friendship and in people and topics that you support. It allows the blogger to keep blogging and it gives you a bit of facial recognition too. Win-win.

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Kimberly of Kimberly Montgomery says:
I feel connected to someone's blog when I get the feeling I am connecting to the person behind the blog. When I read their posts I think, "Yeah, we would be friends in real life". I love it when photographs are helps make the conversation feel even more immediate.

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Beth of Arrow in the Eye says:
When it comes to being able to connect to another persons blog it's important that you actually see the real person behind it. The 25 things you didn't know about me post are my favorite since they convey who a person really is.

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Jen of Rellas Bellas says:
Initially what attracts me to a blog is the design. I love bright colors and lots of pictures. I guess you could say I am a bit nosy, hehe. I like to read blogs where people share bits and pieces of their lives. I always seem to find something in common, whether it is both of us being obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes or fashion. I also feel connected to bloggers who are sharing about more than just how wonderful and perfect their life is. When someone opens up and shares from their heart I feel 100% connected.


Isn't this a great lineup of bloggers? I loved reading what they all had to say about connecting with other bloggers, didn't you?!  If you want more info on sponsorship, check out the ad spots and snag your very own for October.  Use code 'dotreader' for 50% off ALL ad spots through Sunday!

Now it's your turn to chime in! Tell me, what makes you feel connected to another's blog?


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