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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

fall craves

I couldn't resist creating a fall wishlist of pretty clothes + accessories.

fall craves on (click on each image for details)

Boots -always on my must-have for fall list. I currently have pointy toed riding boots, but love the rounded toe on these.

Infinity scarf -I'm loving that stripes and colors in this one; it would bring a different vibe to my usual look.

Mustard Dress -perfect for layering under/over, as the weather is changing.

Peplum top -I've been watching this craze from afar, but I've decided I need to try it for myself.

Polka Dot Cardigan -Grey goes with everything and I've always wanted a polka dot cardi!

Bangles -I've been wearing more yellow gold with my usual silver/white gold and these would be the perfect addition (bonus, they're made of re-purposed metals).

Lace Dress with Pleats -I'm drawn to the lace trend and have yet to purchase any, but this dress combines pleats with the lace top and a fun paprika color for fall.

Cross-body bag -I hate running out of room in my purse!

What's on your fall list of clothing + accessories to crave?

P.S. I'm hanging out at On The Willows today!


  1. This is a great cardigan! I'm looking for brown flats. I had this pair from Aldo for years (soles eventually went out) and I can't get over them. Haha.

    1. Thanks! I hate it when you just love a pair of shoes so much and wear them to death...I've totally done that!

  2. oh my goodness i love your picks!! that pleated lace dress is amazing!


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