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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

summer trends on a budget {part 5}

Happy Wednesday ((btw the "d" on my keyboard is having issues an I keep having the re-type it each time I use it))! There are so many things on my min today ((<--- see?)). I need to be honest and tell you I've been conflicted about continuing this Summer Trends series. Laura's vlog last week really challenged me and then yesterday Molly's words struck a chord in me. Talk about internal struggle right?

I agree with Laura's caution and don't want to get caught up in adorning myself with stuff. It can easily become an idol and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I have totally struggled and still struggle with a desire to go shopping and buy cute outfits/accessories. In fact, it was a coping mechanism I dismissed for years.

You see, my mom passed away when I was 20 years old. Prior to her passing, shopping was something I always did with her. It was our thing, even though we did it less than once a month. I had so many great memories of going to the mall or Target ((we didn't do extravagant shopping by any means and usually started with the clearance racks and brought a coupon...I learned my best money saving tricks from her)) and it was comforting to walk through the mall and visit familiar stores perusing the clearance racks.

Fast-forward to living on my own in a city away from close friends an family, I found myself going to the mall "just to look" after work. It was really a silly way to pass the time. And even though I didn't get myself into credit card debt, shopping ((aka acquiring stuff)) became an idol for me. I can't say I have totally reformed and often wander into the clearance section when I go to Target to get shampoo, but I do recognize the struggle and have taken steps to avoid situations that tempt me to buy stuff.

All of which to say, I didn't ask the mister to take any photos of me and what I was wearing in the past week. That is why I am sharing cell phone snap shots today. I finally had the opportunity to do a few of the DIY projects I'd bookmarked recently. How fun is dressing up an outfit with a cute accessory?

Necklace tutorial from Oh Sweet Joy ((jersey for ties is from old shirts I no longer wear))
The Outfit ((all of which I've owned for at least a year)): skirt: Old Navy // shirt: Anthro // shoes: Target

shoes: old Crocs I spray painted the toes ((inspiration found here)). To be honest, they will need minor touch ups after each wear. Spray paint doesn't adhere to Crocs real well ;)

And there you have it, my two DIY/upcycle items to add some pizzazz to my wardrobe that didn't require spending much money. The only thing I bought was a package of wooden beads that I'll use to make a lot more necklaces.

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday and JessiaNdesigns DIY linkup.

P.S. Adding strawberries to Joe's O's reminds me of eating strawberry shortcake and that's what I just enjoyed for breakfast. Highly recommended!

And one last thing, don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway!!!


  1. Love your post! And I had to laugh, because my p is the same way!!!!!! I always have to bang on it to get it to work!!

    My mom passed when I was 22, I can totally relate!

    Thank you for linking up! Love the projects you did!!! Never thought of spray painting crocs!

  2. I love how the necklace and shoes turned out!!

  3. Shopping used to be an obsession for me as well when I had extra money to spend. You're so crafty! Great job on changing what you have!

  4. I love this post. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart. And all of your projects look amazing!

  5. i think you look beautiful and i totally know where you're coming from. but i think just being honest with others and ourselves will always keep you in line :)


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