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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

summer trends on a budget {part 4}

Does anyone else miss wearing layers? I'm talking layered shirts, cardigans and jackets. During the summer months, I miss layering. I spotted Kendi wearing this trend earlier in the summer and just loved it. My dilemma was that the denim jacket I owned was one I loved and wasn't ready to part with it.

So, I kept an eye out for a denim jacket that fit me and could become a vest. Once I saw Anna's DIY denim cargo vest and I remembered a jacket already in my closet. I had bought it at a consignment shop in the spring for about $5, but the sleeves weren't the right length. The cargo jacket was my first vest of the summer and a few weeks later a friend found a nice denim jacket at Goodwill for me. I have to say, they are my cure for layers in summer!

I really love wearing the cargo vest with a dress. It's a simple outfit, yet provides pockets. I love having pockets to keep my work keys and cell phone with me throughout the day. I know I'll get a lot of wear from this vest into the fall...more layers!

vest: Consignment shop // dress: Gap Outlet // shoes: Tom's

The denim vest is fun an casual. The collar is a bit frayed, which doesn't matter since denim is considered pretty casual, at least in the Northeast. But I wanted to wear it to work, so I felt a skirt was necessary. I chose my most comfortable skirt and a plain white t-shirt. I think the denim vest will also look great with a maxi dress or khaki shorts for the weekend. A fun discovery about this jacket is that it has interior pockets, so I can still carry my cell phone and keys with me at work without looking like it has cargo pockets!

vest + skirt: thrifted // t-shirt: Target // shoes: Rocket Dog (similar) // necklace: Beyond the Blackboard

I am grateful since fall is still over a month away and cooler temperatures won't be here for a while, to have found a cure for layering. I can't wait to put together more outfits using either vest, but I think the denim one is my favorite. I'm just a westerner at heart!

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((I'm linking up with Lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday))

What trends do you love to wear lately?

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  1. OOOOO beth! i was on the fence about denim vests, but you have me convinced girl. LOVE THEM! and love this one on you!

  2. I would have to say I do and I dont miss it - I love the summer and the simplicity of just throwing anything on. But when its time to layer up, i do enjoy it.

  3. A vest whether it's denim or a green cargo vest is so versatile! I love the way you styled the denim with your maxi skirt. We did a remix post on vests for fall and summer too :) Heather

  4. Hi Beth! The necklace looks great with this outfit! :)

  5. I love the jean jacket turned vest!

  6. totally love this girl! i have been thinking about doing it to a jean jacket too!

    Sandy a la Mode


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