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Thursday, August 2, 2012

keyword analysis #2

About two months ago, I shared what's been popping up in my Blogger Dashboard 'search keyword' section. It's pretty comical some of the things people enter that lead them to your blog. Have you ever checked it out?

bridal shower name tags
This is still a popular one. I loved this DIY from cupcake wrappers about a year ago.

diy journaling
I've had two guest posts on journaling and I've probably mentioned my affinity for it once or twice. But oddly, I never got any comments on the DIY post. Very strange, if people are visiting.

betty crocker oven pork chops
Funny, since my only mention of Betty Crocker was a recipe for zucchini stuffed chicken.

breakfast punch
I have no idea what breakfast punch is (I stand corrected I once drank it at this baby shower)! Is it like iced coffee? Because I seem to mention that a lot via Instagram photos. I just love my tumbler from World Market.

chevron teacher bag
No, I'm not a teacher. But I'm pretty sure this awesome cross-body shoulder bag from Alison is what they had in mind. I haven't been carrying it much over the summer, but am excited to pull it out for fall! Alison has similar messenger bags in her shop ;-)

circle of joy crochet
No idea on this one. I learned to crochet last winter, but I never learned the circle of joy. Is there such a thing? Sorry, I don't even know!

bloglovin widgetYes, I have one of these on my sidebar over there. I hope people aren't too disappointed when they see that what they are looking for?

masks on a stickI don't think I own any of these. Mustaches on a stick are more my thing --->>

waterproof high boot leather
No idea, seriously. I wish I owned waterproof leather boots...oh autumn, I can't wait for your return and boot-wearing season to arrive!

How are people coming across your blog?
Please tell me I'm not the only one who is puzzled by the 'search keyword' on your dashboard!


  1. oh yeah i get some PRETTY weird search terms. i use google analytics for my site and holy moly the weird things that people type to find my site.

  2. Somehow I missed your cupcake wrapper name tags! Those are super cute :)

  3. All of my searches make sense to me. I check periodically because I'd love to do a funny post, but the most interesting search is "moo moo dress" and I did do a post about that earlier this year :)

    Yours are great!


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