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Friday, August 24, 2012

High Five for Friday v.3

Happy Friday! This is my last Friday off for the summer. Did you know I don't work most Fridays in June, July an August? Can we still be friends? It's a sweet perk, but I am using time off ((I just have a lot of time to take)). 

So, what will I do? I'll probably end up online for too long ((blog reading of course)) and drink coffee in a mug ((rather than a tumbler))'s so much better that way! I don't have any set plans. There are a few potential projects to tackle.I'll probably end up doing laundry and cleaning, ha! 

The past week was a good one. I'm soaking up my last bits of summer and free evenings/weekends. It's been cooling off overnight ((getting into the 60s an 50s even)) which I just love because it reminds me fall is just around the corner!

1 -Another trip to Home Depot. This one was for molding. We now have trim around the doorway from the kitchen to laundry room!
2 -I'm always amazed how Milton stretches out. He can stretch paw to paw across our bed and he's only 35 lbs!
3 -We went out for sushi to celebrate my husband finishing his summer course and some time off before
4 -I've been doing a lot of  bread baking using our breadmaker
5 -A morning soaking up Proverbs #SheReadsTruth

See, not a bad week at all! I am so blessed and thankful for each of those things. I'm also grateful for other bloggers and their inspirational photos, wisdom and truth. I love sharing links to reads I enjoyed throughout the week as part of my Friday posts.

>>> I'm loving this blog that's new to me this week!

>>> This is not just another fashion post, but

>>> Words from Trillia spoke to my heart as I wrestle with dreams of a family and career. I don't think it was a coincidence so much of Proverbs was referred to ;-)

>>> Hayley shared some great tips things you should be doing when it comes to blogging.

>>> The DIYer in me love these ideas for meaningful artwork

What did you love reading in the blog world this week?

((I'm linking up with InstaFriday and High Five for Friday))

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  1. So jealous of your Fridays off! Enjoy the last one! :-) Beautiful blog, by the way!

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the link to #SheReadsTruth. Really looking forward to joining in on the readings there.

  3. Barney does the same thing as Milton! And I love those blogging tips you linked to :)

  4. love mornings where you soak up proverbs!

    Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

  5. i am loving the proverbs plan, too. such a great book to read through!


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