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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I've been sitting on my bed for over an hour with the dog by my side. I read a few blog posts, entered a giveaway or two, all the while racking my brain for what to blog about.

I went downstairs to let the dog out and check on the work crew in our first floor tonight. Six men from our church are here to help out. I've shared a few stories before about our home renovation and the progress we've made. But really, my husband has done most of the work himself. I help with projects from time to time and he's had an occasional friend come for a Saturday.

The living room "situation" started with a leak in the ceiling over a year ago. The pipes in the bath tub leaked and ruined the ceiling, so we took down the whole ceiling just one month into living here. For over six months our ceiling was open to the floorboards in the bedroom above. The positive thing was that it allowed recessed light to be installed and I strung Christmas lights in the rafters. It's been a summer 2012 goal, to get the ceiling replaced and patch the walls, which were in terrible shape.

I don't think I even told you the best part about tonight's work is a licensed contractor, another is a licensed electrician and the rest are just guys who own tools ((and thankfully know how to use them)). I don't think one person showed up without a trowel, bucket or something!

We've only been at the church since December. These are not life-long brothers, though I believe many will become that. Not one of them attended our wedding. But these men are part of this season of life. They know us as the couple who bought the fixer upper.

So, as I sit perched on my bed with the dog snoozing next to me, I am struck by this being such a clear picture of what the Church is all about. Helping hands, ready to serve. They gave up an evening with their wives and children. These men don't get a direct benefit from giving their time, although I hope it will enable us to host a church gathering in the future. They selflessly gave their time, energy and skills to benefit us.

How are you feeling blessed lately?


  1. i know exactly what you mean. people come in and out of your life and some will stay longer than others, but God blesses us with different people when He knows what we need.

  2. Wow, what an incredible blessing! I love it when church family comes together to help! :)

  3. That is amazing and so generous of them to spend time helping you with your renovation! I just got chills! Your dog is so adorable too :)

  4. That is beautiful. I am so glad you are blessed by your church!

  5. That is so sweet (ok it's actually made me well up a bit). I'm not a member of a church, and I am not part of any 'community' which is why it's just so lovely to see people giving their time and helping others for nothing in return. I guess I'm just not familiar with such kindness. You guys are so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

  6. What a blessing for you to have those guys from church helping you! The family of God is a beautiful thing. :)


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