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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

summer trends on a budget {part 1}

This summer, I've spent less than $50 on clothing and accessories and this will be the first in a series about small wardrobe updates that can be made without a lot of money. After reading The No Brainer Wardrobe last fall, I have been more contentious about how I update my look (you can read my review of the eBook). I try to find pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits (i.e. shoes) to go with the staples I already own. My first example are these wedges I practically stole from bought at Target for $7.48. Crazy, huh?
outfit details: cardigan (similar) // belt (similar) // wedges // nail polish // double-walled tumbler // tote bag
I was most excited to see how the wedges matched a belt I already owned. This outfit was the first I had paired them together. I've worn the wedges with shorts and will wear them with jeans once it cools off enough. They're comfortable for heels, but if you were around here yesterday you may recall I have issues with walking in heels. But I haven't given up and will continue to practice walking in them. Any suggestions?

All right, are you ready for a confession?! I discovered Giuliana & Bill on Netflix last night and watched three episodes! I can't say it's my favorite, but it was entertaining since I cannot even imagine such a lifestyle (i.e. two in Chicago and one in LA). My favorite thing (so far) was the clothing swap that Giuliana threw. It cracked me up that she bought clothes for it...not quite like the clothing swap I hosted.

(I'm linking up with Lindsay for WIWW)


  1. The shoes were a total steal - I'm really trying to update my look without breaking the bank this summer too so will be interested to read more :) x

  2. HECK YES $7.48! target sales are the best! NOW you just need to get some coupons going and you'll save even more at target! i have a serious problem... :)

  3. great deal, i love target clearance! i love guiliana and bill, one of my favorite reality shows, hehe

  4. Those wedges and belt go together so well!! I much prefer to wear wedges instead of heels - so much more comfortable!!

  5. I often like the look of wedges without a back, but for some reason, they won't stay on my feet... they seem to flop around all over the place. Combined with my klutziness, it's not a pretty picture. :)

  6. Those wedges are SO cute for that price! What a steal!!


  7. i need to be smarter about being budget friendly w/ my wardrobe... i just buy buy buy! :)

  8. nice sunnies!


  9. love love love your shoes and this outfit! too cute :)

    xx brie


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