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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I want to know YOU

Blogging is all about connections, right? I love reading other's blogs and leaving comments and then getting to know another blogger through commenting on each other's blogs. Am I the only one? I have a feeling there are several loyal readers around here I don't even know. So, today is your chance to tell me who YOU are. I want to know a few things about you...will you indulge me and leave your answers in the comments?
Tell me your name.
Where do you live?
What do you do when you're not reading/writing blogs?
Do you blog or tweet?
If we met in person, where would you want to go/do?

((Also, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY from Jac & Elsie!))


  1. hi beth, i'm molly. i live in a small town outside of Chapel Hill / Durham called Hillsborough, NC. when i'm not reading or writing blogs i am working at my nerdy tech job doing marketing... OR hanging out with my husband and our dogs. i both blog and tweet. too often, sometimes. and if we met in person, i'd want to eat some food and then do something totally fun like go exploring! hahaha cause i'm assuming we'd meet in a town i've never been to... or something? nice to meet you! :) :) xoxo

    still being [molly]

  2. Hi Beth, I'm Bernadette.=) I live in Grand Rapids, MI. I both blog and tweet, though I really don't like tweeting too much. I am a wife and mom. I do lots of reading, and organizing, and cooking and keeping house, when I am not blogging. I love hanging out with my kids-taking walks and reading together. Nothing makes me laugh more than playing Wizzard as a family. If we met in person I'd love to drink a cup of coffee together, and eat a really chocolatly dessert.

  3. I agree Beth! you and I have only been blogging buddies for a couple months but I appreciate you.
    You know most from my blog, but for the sake of the post's questions: I love downtown Montreal, I LOVE to cook, bake, create, parent my kids, enjoy the city (usually without the kids, lol!), and am deeply passionate about church planting, urban renewal, God's word, adoption, wives loving their husbands, etc.

  4. Hello! I'm Rachael and I live in south east Michigan although I'm originally from the UK. I moved over to the US to be with my husband after being in a long distance relationship for two years. When I'm not blogging I'm usually sewing, crafting or baking something or other in the kitchen or playing with our cats! If we met I'd probably suggest popping into a little patisserie!

  5. Hiiii, I'm Emily! I live in Greenville, SC. I'm a full time strings teacher/orchestra director and violinist. I play for a lot of symphonies as well as weddings and events. So...I get most of my blogging and crafting done on the weekends and during the summer. I blog and tweet and instagram, etc. If we met in person, I'd love to show you downtown Greenville and get a cup of coffee and some chocolate pecan pie at Coffee Underground. :)

  6. I'm Erika (we've met)
    I live in Northwest Seattle (about 9 miles from downtown) in a little bungalow with my husband and Nesby the naughty corgi.
    When I'm not reading/writing blogs, I'm sewing for the shop or at work-- doing marketing stuffs for good ol' I also like to run, love to cook, LOVE to thrift shop and read old fashioned print books.
    If we met in person, I hope it was in Seattle b/c I would show you around-- we'd check out a farmer's market and get some food at a local cafe. We may also go thrifting and look at cute houses (that I couldn't afford.)

  7. Hi Beth! I'm Brandon. I'm originally from Tennessee, but live in Brockton, MA, just south of Boston with my awesome blogger wife (you just might know her).

  8. So fun, Beth! I'm Angie, an almost 23-year-old girl living under the cotton candy skies of Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen, our kitties Wedge and Mau and our cockatiel, Jango!

    When I'm not being a blogaholic, you can often find me: spending time outside, especially in the water and at night; playing World of Warcraft, The Sims 3 or a game on our Wii, drawing digitally, practicing my crochet, reading a magazine or book and always, always hanging out with Jen. We've been together, side-by-side, for the last five years and it's WONDERFUL for us!

    I blog at: and I tweet constantly at:

    If we ever met in person, I'd definitely take you to The Melting Pot, which is a restaurant that revolves around FONDUE of all sorts!!! GAH!!!

  9. Hey! My name is Nadine and I live in Vancouver, BC up in Canada. When I'm not blogging I work for a non-profit that support youth. I blog ( and tweet(@nadinewouldsay)! Yay! Let's go for coffee! I LOVE coffee. If you're not a coffee drinker, maybe you can grab a tea. You can come up to Vancouver because we've got some sweet coffee shops up here. Then maybe we could either sit and chat about life or walk and chat.

  10. Hey! I'm Julia. I live in the twin cities--specifically St. Paul MN. When I'm not blogging I take care of my two kiddos, one of which was recently diagnosed with autism (which I haven't talked a ton about on my blog--still figuring that out), checking out my favorite thrift stores, meeting with friends from church. Summer: punch pizza on grand ave, fun outdoor seating. Winter: tons of coffee shops!

    1. Thanks for introducing yourself :) I would love to visit St Paul. I've only been to the airport, but that doesn't really count, right?! I would love to check out some thrift stores and coffee shops!


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