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Friday, July 27, 2012

A quick story + some favorites

Happy Friday! I feel like this past week flew by, how 'bout you?! I'm excited to share some of my favorite blogs posts and internet finds of the week, but first I want to share a quick story.

We own one car, a 2005 Toyota Prius and we love it so much we drove it to Colorado on a road trip earlier this summer! So, when my husband called me just minutes after leaving the house to drive 20+ miles to Boston for his Thursday night class and said "there's something wrong with the car," I froze. All I could respond with was "are you okay? What happened?" He explained a rather ominous light appeared on the car's screen and he read in the owner's manual the message meant the car had to be taken into a dealership. My heart sank...we just can't afford another bill.

We agreed he would go to Advanced Auto Parts to see if they could run a free diagnostic test to determine if it really needed to be taken to the dealership, while I would do some online research to see if other Prius owners had shared their experiences with the ominous red triangle with an exclamation point. I want to say I sat and prayed without distraction while waiting for him to get home, but that's just not true. I continued to read what the possible issue could be, realizing it was likely the battery or water pump would need to be replaced. Neither of these had much meaning to me besides the $$$, alongside it being our only car. I was doing my best not to panic and did manage to ask God to provide.

All of which to say, the inverter (water) pump needs to be replaced, but we found out there is a recall from Toyota on 2004-07 Prii (is that the plural of Prius?) so that means we will be getting it repaired at no cost (insert sigh of relief here!) Oh, why do I doubt?

A few things I'm loving from around the web this week:
>>Style inspiration from Sandy

>>This recipe for black bean smothered sweet potatoes

>>Not one, but two new Etsy shops from two dear blogger friends!
Christa's OraDale and Allison's Little Green Thread

lime green and aqua blue crochet circle earrings by Ora Dale and fold over clutch in blue and white ikat by Little Green Thread
>>An inspiring story of a local runner headed to London

>>Get some DIY inspiration for to spruce up a lampshade with washi tape

Just in case you missed it on Instagram or Facebook yesterday, I wanted to mention August advertising spots are open. This means you can buy your own piece of real estate over there --->>> and get frequent  social media shout outs (and more). For full details, read more.
Alright, happy weekend friends!
I'm linking with Erika for Friday Finds & Favorites.


  1. oh man - similar thing happened to me about two years ago (coincidentally?) right after i started tithing... my car broke down and it was bad - it was both the alternator and the starter on my VW which is NOT cheap to fix... take it to the dealership and boom... recall... on the alternator AND the starter... and it got fixed for free. God does provide!!

  2. Oh thank God! I'm sure I would be freaking too as we are in a similar situation with just one car and very little money for unexpected bills. Nice little reminder to trust :) I am really loving Alison's new fold over clutches and Christa's new shop!

  3. What a great story!! I love happy endings to troubling situations :). I love the links you shared (as usual) - especially the easy sweet potato/black bean recipe! And I may just have to buy something from OraDale ;)

  4. Total goosebumps at the end of the story. What a relief :)

    Although, thank you for the tip. I had no idea Advanced Auto does a diagnostic test fo' FREE! My check engine light just went on and I've been debating what I should do. Now I know :)

    1. Oh good, glad to hear you learned something :) I still can't believe how it all worked out!!

  5. Beth! Car trouble is my worst nightmare. We have had out fair share for sure, but we've also had God show up in amazing ways. So encouraged to hear your story! Yay for recalls?! Thank you so much for including me in your Friday Finds!! All this love is making my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! It's totally made my week and it hasn't even started. :) Also have to add that I'm in love with Alison's shop!

  6. Car trouble can be the pits! I am so glad there is a recall so you can get it taken care of at no cost. Awesome! God always takes care of our needs:) Happy weekend!

  7. Wow that's an awesome no-cost fix! My husband just had to replace the water pump in his car (so thankful that he learned how to do it himself!) and that thing cost a pretty penny :-/


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