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Thursday, July 5, 2012

a little place called Breckenridge, Colorado

We just spent the better portion of the last week with my family in Colorado. Without a doubt it was an interesting time to visit, with the wild fires plaguing the state. In the days before we arrived, thousands of people were evacuated from their homes and I was glued to the news following the Waldo Canyon Fire. Sadly, the city of Colorado Springs experienced a great deal of damage, with over 340 homes lost and 18,000 acres burned. As I'm writing this post, the good news is that the Waldo Canyon fires have been 90% contained. It was an inspiring time to be back in town.

Thankfully our visit was a great time to relax, connect with old friends, and also see some of the beautiful scenery that makes Colorado special. We spent part of a day up in the rocky mountains in the quaint town of Breckenridge. It's often known as a ski town, but we quickly learned Breck has a lot to offer in the summer months too. We discovered a few hidden gems the afternoon we were there. The first was a free gondola ride. We enjoyed scenic views of the town and mountains for about 30 minutes roundtrip. I had no idea this was something offered, so it was a very pleasant surprise!
Main street is lined with shops and restaurants. You're sure to find whatever food you're in the mood for from delis to full service dining and more. They also have a number of thrift stores, outdoor shops, boutiques, even a handmade shop and of course a number of souvenir shops. It's relaxing to just stroll down Main Street and check out whatever tickles your fancy.
There is also a bicycle path that goes through town and into a more rural area along the street into town. We didn't have time to try it out, but there were a number of families on the paved path. I even noticed bike rental shops in town. The town of Breckenridge is 9,600 feet above sea level,  with mountains surrounding it. There are trails for hiking nearby too.
Though our visit didn't last all day, we made the most of it, exploring the historic town on foot. It is one of those places that gives you a real flavor for Colorado.We highly recommend it as a day trip to our local friends and a must-see to anyone visiting Colorado. It's an easy drive from Denver, less than 90 minutes west on I-70. ((And did anyone catch the movie my title referenced? I'm dying to know!))

Have you done any summer exploring?


  1. This sounds like a totally fun place to visit! I love boutique-lined roads :)

  2. How fun, one of my friends lived in Breckenridge for 3 years! It's beautiful!


  3. Breckenridge is a pretty fun place to hang out! My sister's family lives in Frisco just a quick hop away and my brother in law often works in Breckenridge at a music venue doing lighting and sound production. Love the photos-- they are all so familiar! Glad you've been enjoying your vacation!

  4. awwww my friend lives in breckenridge right now. i wanna visit her so bad! if you see an adorable little blonde named BEC say hey! hahahah looks like a great time!

    still being [molly]


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