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Monday, June 18, 2012

What I'm into {June}

I'm loving this bi-monthly series of sorts and the chance to make note of everything from TV to music to what we're eating.
TV show worth watching
Friday Night Lights. We started watching about a month ago and are currently enjoying season 2. I find it fascinating how much I enjoy it since I've never been much of football ;)

movie I've seen
The Avengers. Another surprisingly entertaining movie. I haven't seen most of the other movies based on the comic book characters, but still found the witty banter very entertaining throughout the movie.

in my kitchen
Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. I seriously can't get enough of it! We've been enjoying lettuce from our garden on a regular basis. I love that we can harvest it and new leaves grow back on each stalk.

in my ears
The local country station. I'm totally blaming it on Friday Night Lights.

items of note
we currently have 20 yard dumpster parked in our driveway...yep, it's time to do away with all the trash from the renovation
+ we have really generous friends
+ I'm loving our cooler weather so far this summer

what I'm looking forward to
+ our road trip and spending time with family and friends
+ attending a three day meeting in Bloomington IN for my professional association in July
+ two more months of summer
+ removing the mounds of trash from our garage (see photo above of dumpster)
+ we picked up a coffee table from the curb over the weekend and I can't wait to refinish it

What are you into lately?


  1. I hope you blog about refinishing that coffee table! I've been enjoying fresh fruits and veggies too! I love this time of year ;)

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see the table finished! My hubby blares country in the garage when he's doing his wood-working. Too bad the meeting's not in MI ;) So glad you get to dump all the the reno trash!


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