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Thursday, June 21, 2012

links to love {on a Thursday}

I know, it's only Thursday, but let's pretend it's Friday and I'm sharing my almost weekly post of other blog posts I enjoyed from the past week or so. Ready? Here we go...

Some blog posts and internet reads I've enjoyed lately:
I'm loving the suggestions from 7 easy health changes

5 ways to get the most out of summer

Don't miss this summer treat in your freezer from Kim

A really cute engagement story dubbed Sparkle Day.

Need some perspective on summer blogging? Check out these 5 tips.
Check out Erika's full post and feel inspired to wash your hair less ;-)

This hair tutorials is on my to-do list. Thank you Molly!

I'm really excited about Jessi's latest venture and so inspired by the bit she shared earlier this week.

What are you digging this week?


  1. YESSS dude! you just made my day. thanks for sharing my silly hair tutorial. GIRL YOU ARE AWESOME. also, muffin tin ice cubes are on my to try list.

    1. I loved watching your hair tutorial and I have to confess I tried it with little luck last weekend. My hair just doesn't wanna hold curl. I think I need some of that leave-in heat stuff you used ;)

  2. This is great, I could use some dirty hair tips. In the summer my hair get so bogged down by grease and sweat.... ewwwww....


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