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Monday, June 11, 2012

life lately

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1- lunch with two kiddos from our church on my day off
2- crazy low temperatures // snapped this at 4pm
3- homemade baked potato "fries" topped with Old Bay

4- a little sangria on a warm night
5- yummy salmon, red potatoes and stuffed mashrooms
6- a hand-delivered note/drawing

7- my dog's obsession with blankets. did I mention last week was unseasonably chilly ;)
8- visiting a local seafood thru lobsters anyone?
9- coffee from a mug (not a tumbler) tastes better

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  1. Looks like a fun week :) I think coffee in a mug beats coffee in a tumbler any day too!

  2. Mmm sangria! Looks perfect. And maybe you have a recipes you're going to share soon? ;)

    1. I used Kim from Oh Sweet Joy! recipe for Sangria

  3. We could use some colder weather here in Texas :) And I so agree with you that coffee from a mug does indeed taste better!

  4. Love how you did your photos! Your blog is so pretty!! Thanks for linking up with Life Lately!!

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