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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I wanna live in a rowhouse too!

Today, I'm excited to introduce Heidi from Row House 14 to you! She lives in a rowhouse in Baltimore (or as the locals say Bal'mor) where she shares her life as a teacher by day and designer by night. What's a rowhouse you ask? It's a 16th-century architectural design that started in Europe as a way to save space when building in a city. 

Baltimore has a ton of these (I should know because I used to live there too)! As you probably know if you've been around here long, I appreciate city living and older homes. I was always enchanted by Baltimore's rowhouses, especially in Fells Point and Canton. The photo below is from Heidi and shows Fells Point from the water. Without further ado, I'll share my interview with Heidi!
Tell us about your blog/shop.
I'm Heidi and I blog at Row House 14, a lifestyle blog that also focuses on design, food, music, and other things that I love. I also have a handmade business in which I design and create greeting cards and stationery.

What's your favorite blog post (choose up to three) you've written and why?
As of recently, these would have to be my favorite posts. I like to be true to who I am when I'm writing. The first two posts let it all out in the open and I don't hold anything back. I like being able to say what I need to say and have conversation with the blogging community. The third is the most recent. When I can be around live music, write about music, and photograph music, I am truly loving every bit of it-- it's like I am in my element! :)
Blog Because You Love to Blog
Irrational Fear
First Thursday JC Brooks Uptown Sound
Tell us your favorite thing about where you live.
I live in Baltimore and wouldn't have it any other way at this time in my life. So many people that I speak with know Baltimore as a city with a bad reputation. They think of Baltimore as the same place they see on The Wire. Sure, there are places in this city that truly are that way. However, it isn't all bad. I love that I am a 20 minute walk to the water, literally right around the corner from one of the biggest parks in the city, and the fact that Baltimore is split into so many different neighborhoods with such a variety of cultures and things to do. These neighborhoods make this city what it is and truly gives it the charm that is referred to in its nickname Charm City.
Summer: love it or hate it and why? 
Love it and hate it. Love it because I am a teacher so the summer means two months of free time. Hate it because I live in Baltimore, the most hot and humid city in the world (ok, maybe I'm overexagerating here, but it can be pretty rough). I think the love outweighs the hate though. Nothing is better than spending time outdoors and having the free time to do so! :)

If you haven't checked out Heidi's blog and shop, be sure to stop by! Her etsy shop stationary designs are amazing!
{all images belong to Heidi}


  1. such beauitful homes :) I remember MD well! we lived in a rowhouse in Germany! it was our most favoritest (I know, not a word) house that we've lived in, to date!

  2. Ohh I love this!! I have never been to Baltimore but def on the list! I want to live there now! haha!!


  3. How fun! I've never been to Baltimore but it seems like it would be a great place to visit. And I share her sentiments exactly about summer ;)

  4. i love learning about other cities! thanks for the interview! :)


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