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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

spring mantle + DIY decor

It's been entirely too long since I shared something pretty from our home. But over the long weekend, I did some cleaning and rearranging, which led to a different mantle display just in time for  the end of the season ((shrug)). I know there isn't a rule that tells me I need to change it up monthly or even every season, but there is a part of me that really enjoys the process of making our home pretty. It doesn't need to be fancy or perfect, I just enjoy having our home comfortable and inviting.
Previously, I shared my love for turning glass bottles into home decor, and this project was no different. I was inspired by the cover of the June Better Homes and Gardens to create a twine covered bottle. The project only took me about 20 minutes once I had all my supplies together, including the cleaned and dried the glass bottle. And my favorite part: no need to remove the label on the bottle if you wrap the twine tight enough! Over the weekend, I shared an image of my project via Instagram.

You'll need: used glass bottle, twine, scissors, craft glue

  1. Starting at the bottom, wrap the twine around the glass bottle. Use a small amount of glue to secure the twine to itself. As you continue to wrap the bottle in twine you can cover any overlapping twine so it won't show.
  2. Be patient as you wrap the twine and try not to let it twist too much so it lays flat against the bottle. I ended up pushing the twine rows together to keep them tight.
  3. Once you have the twine up as far as you want it, finish the top by gently tucking the loose end with a dab on glue on it under the wound twine. I recommend using craft glue rather than a glue gun so it's less stringy and can be readjusted as needed.

What's been your inspiration for home decor lately?


  1. Ohhh I love this!!! What a great way to reuse wine bottles - I do have a few of those lying around!! :)


  2. Your mantle looks lovely!! The twine bottles turned out beautifully- what a great idea!! I would really love a mantle to decorate someday :)


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