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Thursday, May 31, 2012

keyword analysis #1

Have you ever checked the 'search keyword' section of your Blogger Dashboard? This can be quite the source of entertainment because people come across my blog using all sorts of keywords I wouldn't think would be associated with this place. I got this idea from Jen, who writes a little keyword analysis every now and then. Here are my examples of the most frequent keywords and why I'm baffled...

herb brooks 1980 AND herb brooks
I've written about ice hockey a handful of times around here, mentioning my younger brother played. I also wrote about Herb Brooks, the coach of the 1980 US Olympic gold medal team once. I find it most interesting that this is the most frequent search that has led people to this blog. Hmm...maybe I should tell you about my obsession with Miracle so people aren't too disappointed when they land here and I don't have much Herb Brooks love beyond the one post...don't worry, I won't bore you with hockey anytime soon ;)

reusable teal bag
I have no idea about this one. I don't even see where those words fit together around here. I know I've mentioned reusable bags a number of times, but am baffled by the 'teal' part...and I don't even own a teal bag! But maybe it's a sign I should but this one?
buying groceries
Can it get more boring than this? Sure, I buy groceries, but I don't typically blog about it...or do I? Maybe I need to re-evaluate that one a bit.

name badges bridal shower
Remember when I made these? They were fun and different for a bridal shower accessory, so I'm excited to see they may have brought people to my blog.

cash u coupon
I'm pretty sure this is from a guest post by Alli. So, I googled the same term to see where it led me and it turns out I've been there before. Nearly anytime, I shop online, I check to see if I can find a discount code for shipping or something. But I really don't know how this is related to my I need to talk about couponing more often around here?

frugal kitchen makeover
Now this is one I can get behind! Yes, I have been recording our renovation progress around here, so thank you for noticing, Google.

Ha! I love twitter and talk about it quite a bit, so there's no surprise this one came up. Again, I will say well done, Google!

Have you ever noticed the keywords used that bring people to your blog? 


  1. This is so interesting! I've never tried this before and I can't wait to see it. :)

  2. HAHAHA, mine were "ariel pink dress", "cinderella pink dress", "high waisted maxi skirt", "disney's pocahontas", "hot pink maxi skirt" and "camwow". BAHAHAHA. So weird!

    1. hahaha, isn't it fun to check it out?! seriously entertaining!

  3. ha ha! So funny! My best ones were "funny quotes about love" and "not inviting kids to a wedding" which is really funny since we had lots of kids at our wedding! I guess they didn't learn anything from me....

    1. haha, that is funny! we had a ton of kids to our wedding too :)

  4. Those search terms can be so random! Terms like "teacher crafts" and "teacher beach gift" make sense to me, but "giant goldfish"??? What the what??


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