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Friday, May 4, 2012

flashback Friday {Cosby style}

Have I ever told you how much I love Bill Cosby? I grew up watching The Cosby Show. You know, the one with Rudy and Theo ((and all their other kids))? I was about Rudy's age and in some ways I felt like we grew up together. So, I often reference Bill Cosby and can recite several episodes from memory. When I was in college, my family went to see Bill Cosby in person. It's a fond memory I'll never forget!

Earlier this week, my husband was writing a paper for his Youth Culture class and needed a video clip to illustrate youth and planning for the future. He knew I'd be able to find it as soon as he described part of the scene. Once I realized "it's the one with Monopoly money," I watched it a few times and I thought you'd enjoy it this Friday.
And the more I think about it, the more I realize the wisdom of Mr. Cosby. It's probably because I have become one of the "real people."

Friday Favorites from the web this past week:

  • I want to try making these Peanut Butter Dog Bones for our pooch.
  • I've been trying to figure out how I can use this tutorial to revamp an old necklace
  • These tips are genius and I'm loving the series, "Why Didn't I Think of That?"
  • I'm loving this kitchen renovation ((is it just me, or aren't before and after photos awesome?!))
  • Hayley's post, Giving Up on Good is truly challenging me to reconsider the things I commit to & why
Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?


  1. I loved the Cosby show too!!! And that kitchen renovation is pretty awesome - that widened doorway really adds a lot :)

  2. We used to be able to stay up late and watch the cosby show =) Fond memories here too!


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