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Monday, May 21, 2012


Have you seen the Things I'm Afraid to Tell You series? Naturally, it got me thinking about what I would write about. I'm always grateful for a chance to reflect on this blog and the things I share here. Lately, I've been reflecting a lot and it makes me want to write more and less ((weird, but true)). So, here I am telling you some things I'm afraid to share.

I don't exercise regularly. This is a terrible habit and I know it. Years ago, I used to run 3-5 times per week and I even completed a half-marathon. But I've struggled to get back into the grove of running. For the past few weeks with the weather being decent, I've been taking longer walks with the dog and I hope to keep this up. We've also made some recent change sin our eating habits, which I'm thankful for. I really do hope to get back to running over the summer. I miss it.
I lost interest in Pinterest. How dare I admit that I don't even go on Pinterest once a week anymore? My purpose for using it is no longer to find information, but to store or bookmark it for future reference. I pin interesting DIYs or blog tips with some degree of regularity, but I don't pin other's pins within the site as I once did.

I don't own a DSLR. If you've been around here long, this probably isn't a shock since my photos are far from amazing. But I think the bigger shock may be that I don't have any interest in photography. I mean, I appreciate good photographs and know their importance in the blogging world, but I just don't have the interest in taking up another hobby.
I would rather watch TV than read a book. I haven't kept it a secret that I don't love reading, but sometimes I'm afraid to admit it to my colleagues in the world of higher education, along with my blog friends. Everyone seems to be a reader and I'm just not. I will say,  I read a lot more since I've become a blogger because of reading others' blogs. And let's not dwell on the fact that I haven't finished Mockingjay...I sped through the first two and somehow lost momentum.

I have a fear of basements. I think it's from an episode of Rescue 911 ((did you ever watch that show as a kid?)) Every time I have to go to the basement, my heart beats a bit faster and I hurry every step of the way.

How about you? What are you afraid to let the blog world know?


  1. I've lost interest in Pinterest too!! It makes me feel inadequate :). And I love to read but on most nights I choose to relax in front of the TV with my hubby!

  2. I'm with you on not exercising regularly...I'll get in a groove and then slack off for a week and then the cycle continues...
    I still like a daily dose of pinterest, but it only entertains me for a few minutes--I use it mostly for marking recipes and a little inspiration :) Have a happy Monday!

  3. I deleted my Pinterest account! And I don't exercise regularly - however, I started for 2 weeks in a row of walking every night and then just stopped! lol. I think that's worse than just not ever doing it at all!

  4. I def don't care for Pinterest that much anymore. ;)
    And I just started exercising regularly (again) since college. I decided I didn't have an excuse because we have a free gym in my work...

    my confession: I really like the Bachelor/Bachelorette tv show...


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