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Thursday, May 3, 2012

the beauty of HootSuite

Have you heard of HootSuite? If not, I'm about to introduce you to a blogger's best friend and share some secrets. It can make you ((as a blogger)) look so much more on top of your game if you use it to its full potential. I started using it for work about two years ago and have gotten hooked, so I thought I'd share the love with you all.
4 reasons why you'll love it!
  • It allows you to pre-schedule tweets and Facebook messages 
  • You can add multiple streams and view them side by side ((read: you can create a column for tweets, posts that mention you, tweets you've sent, pending tweets, filter your favorite # and more))
  • It allows you to add up to five accounts before you have to buy a pro account ((read: manage your tweets and Facebook posts, plus your Facebook page posts in one place))
  • It syncs with Google Analytics, allowing you to see how Facebook and Twitter drive traffic to your blog/shop 

By spending 5-10 minutes on HootSuite after I schedule a blog post, I'm able to plan out when I want Twitter to share the news of a blog post with my followers. I can also schedule a Facebook post using HootSuite, but don't use it nearly as much as Twitter. Since Twitter yields real-time information and people are on it at all times, it can be extremely helpful to schedule tweets at times you know you wouldn't be near a computer.

you can add up to four streams visible on the screen at once, and then scroll to the right to see the other streams you create. Create a stream by selecting the +add stream button in the upper lect ((under the tabs for the various networks)).

With the help of HootSuite, I can tweet in my sleep! Not really, but it may appear that way. Especially if you notice you have readers in different time zones, schedule tweets when they will see them ((by using the calendar to schedule them, add a pending tweets stream to see them)).

If you have questions or want to talk more in-depth about how I manage my HootSuite account, feel free to email, facebook or tweet me. I'd be happy to help you get started!

1 -compose your message and add your web link ((it also shrinks it for you)) 2 -select the time you want it posted 3 -choose the date you want it posted 4 -select your network 5 -hit schedule to add it to the pending queue
What's your favorite tool for blog or shop promotion?


  1. I am going to have to check this out. I love the idea of scheduling things ahead of time, thanks!

  2. Girl! I for sure want to talk to you about this. I am signed up but I haven't done anything with it yet and I'm kind of overwhelmed. I totally know I need to be scheduling this stuff, but I would love to hear more about your start up advice. I'll take all the wisdom you feel like sharing :)


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