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Monday, April 30, 2012

What I'm into {April}

It's been two months since I did my last currently post, so I thought it would be a good time for an update on day-to-day life happenings.

what I want to read.
+ more articles via Zite. The iPad magazine is better than Flipboard. I find it easier to keep up with news and other kinds of content I'm interested in. ((I just don't have the attention span for books lately))

TV show worth watching.
+ How I Met Your Mother -we've been watching via Netflix and loving it.

what i'm wearing.+'s still chilly enough to need a cardigan and scarf, but they haven't turned off the heat in my office, so I end up shedding those layers by 10am.
+ nail polish: corals, lavender, pinks
+ bangs...I had grown them out and then cut them about a month ago.
+ scarves as belts

movie I've seen.
+ The Descendants -we used our FREE rental from Redbox a few weeks ago on this one. It was sadder than I anticipated, but it was cool to imagine life in Hawaii.

in my kitchen.
+ we discovered Pillsbury sugar free brownies and they're pretty tasty
+ smoothies ((made with assorted fruit, spinach or kale, crushed ice and almond milk))
+ eating vegetarian meals 3-4 times per week
in my ears.
+ Pandora oldies radio
+ Needtobreathe and Josh Garrels
items of note.
+ the new blog look...anyone notice? I took some time over the weekend to change it up with a new header, colors and buttons. Special thanks to the mister for his HTML expertise...he always bails me out when I get in over my head!
+ my husband will begin interning with our church this summer. We're excited for him to get pastoral experience while he's in seminary.
+ I've had my iPad for almost month and I'm loving it more and more each day. I use it for so many things at work that make life easier.

what I'm looking forward to.
+ 16 weeks of summer at sounds long, but I'm pretty sure it will fly by!
+ eating less sugar ((the mister and I plan to stop eating processed sugar in May...gulp)).
+ planning a summer road trip

Tell me, what are you into lately?


  1. Looks great Beth. Good for you for the healthy eating habits! I wanna try a smoothie with almond milk now. And I know what you mean by loving your iPad.. I've gotten rather attached to this thing.

  2. I'm looking forward to gearing towards a healthier lifestyle! I've stopped smoking! And I'm currently doing a detox and eating healthier and working on exerercising a little more by walking or riding bikes in the evening!!

  3. yay for bangs! i just got some too! :)

  4. This is such a great idea for a post... love your nails and i am going to have to go on a hunt for those sugar free brownies!


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