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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

shopping for classics among trends

Did you hear? The No Brainer Wardrobe affiliate program kicked off this week. Hayley Morgan, the creator of The No Brainer Wardrobe, has been so thoughtful in her creation of the e-book. She aims to help women feel more confident about themselves ((I reviewed the wonderful ebook months ago)) in the clothes they already own and how to find clothes that they'll wear ((the ebook is proof I'm not the only one who is guilty of having clothes I don't always wear)).

One of the things I took away was a new approach to shopping. Hayley gives some fantastic tips for how to shop on a budget. I've created a list I can easily access on my phone ((thanks to Evernote)) of the items I'm looking for. With this list, I'll be able to review what's on it, next time I find myself at one of my favorite ((budget friendly)) stores like Target or Old Navy. So many stores are filled trendy clothing and it can be a challenge to find the more classic pieces that you'll be able to enjoy for more than a season. These 10 items are taken from Old Navy and H&M known for their discounted prices and usually have a ton of trendy items.
spring classics 2
{1} Old Navy fitted dress (($28)) The color is bring, but not too bold. It can be downplayed and easily layered over.
{2} Old Navy double breasted trench coat (($23)) A classic styled trench coat never goes out of style.
{3} Old Navy espadrille shoes (($20)) These espadrilles will transition well into summer and can be worn with cropped pants and skirts to work, but also go with jeans on the weekend.
{4} Old Navy canvas bag (($23)) I'm a sucker for a bag, especially if it's canvas. I also love the combo of brown "leather" and black because it goes with so many things. The multiple straps on this bag further add to its versatility.
{5} Old navy chambray shirt (($30)) A great fitting chambray shirt can go with chinos or a brightly colored skirt any day of the week.

spring classics 1{1} Old Navy fitted blazer (($35)) This blazer is a linen-cotton blend. I love the fitted styling. It's almost a dressed up version of a denim jacket.
{2} Old Navy cropped linen pants (($35)) I love linen pants in the summer. They're so comfortable and breezy on a hot day.
{3} Old Navy flat shoes (($25)) These oxfords have a classic styling to them, but their mustard yellow color makes them a bit more trendy. They're sure to accent any outfit.
{4} H&M striped long sleeve shirt ((£13)) I need more stripes in my life and this boat neck top is perfect. It would be easy to layer over and would also be cute with shorts in early summer.
{5} Old Navy cross body handbag (($12)) This purse is perfect for keeping your hands free while running errands.

The No Brainer Wardrobe is only $8 and full of valuable advice. You can download it to your laptop or iPad. Just click the link in my right sidebar to buy your copy today!

What do you hope to add to your wardrobe this spring?


  1. I was so close to buying that chambray shirt last time I was at Old Navy, but of course they were out of my size. Story of my life!

  2. I just started the ebook yesterday. I'm so excited to finish it and get a handle on my wardrobe!

  3. Wait just a second! Why do I not have this ebook yet?! Must get it now!


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