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Friday, April 27, 2012

coffee date {marprilay}

As much as I want to share a fashionable post of my cute outfits of the week because somehow I did remember to snap a few pics of my creative ensembles, I thought I'd be honest and share my outfits of the day #ootd ((I learned that from Jen earlier this week)) today. Notice I was too lazy to change tops when I came home and threw on my sweats and slippers? Yep, it's been that kind of week...
jacket: Target // jeans: Old Navy // top: thrifted // necklace: street vendor in Guatemala City // earrings: pretties by meg // hoodie: thrifted

If we met for coffee today, you may notice I look a bit worn out. You might be polite and avoid mentioning I look more tired than usual. Or you might make the connection between my somewhat dis-shelved state and the absent blog posts this month. It wouldn't take long for me to volunteer the reasons why I look exhausted and feel like the only things that keep me going are sugar and caffeine. I'd be quick to confess I struggled to keep up with blogging this month because of my hectic work schedule.

It's the end of the academic year and I work on a college campus, so this past work week was filled with awards ceremonies, end of the year banquets, and all those things that make up the marathon that I have come to know as marprilay.

Yes, I made up a word. Well, I didn't make it up. You see, the spring semester on an American college campus has more events than the fall semester and most events take place between the student's return from spring break and commencement. Since it typically spans about six weeks from the middle or end of March to mid-May, we combine the three months into one word: marprilay.

How do I know this time of year is upon me?
+ The work days are longer and are not limited to Monday thru Friday
+ I find myself at the vending machine buying Pepsi ((terrifying since I don't drink much soda to begin with and if I have one I want a coke))
+ I have to put on my sweatpants as soon as I'm home from work
+ I find myself eating lunch at my desk
+ I wait days between moves on Words with Friends and Draw Something ((because I mostly play with my colleagues who are super-busy too))

Please don't take this as a complaint or knock on my job because that's not what I'm saying. I love my job. I love working with college students and watching them grow and mature. It's truly a rewarding job and this time of year, though exhausting, is also my favorite as I go to recognition ceremonies and get ready to congratulate another class on finishing their college experience.

Have a great weekend...I'm headed to a fraternity ball for the chapter I advise!


  1. Love your outfits and the way you did that fun collage! You are way more advanced at #ootd than me already. Thanks for the shout-out! And I hope you are surviving Maprilay. It's crazy! I am a week away from being done with the madness.

  2. Aw well good luck with all your work-related stuff :) It's my last year of college so I'm definitely feeling that push toward the end of the school year!


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